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Real Debrid Device: All You Should Know In 2023!

Have you heard about the device called Real Debrid? If not, then you are in for a real treat!

Buffering is one of the most common issues that ruin the watching experience. This can link with many different reasons, but ultimately, you will suffer. It may not be easy to pinpoint the exact cause of the buffering. You must go through many different parts if you are unaware of what causes the problem.

The issue might link to the ISP’s throttling or the links that are overloading the servers of the Steam hosts. In this case, the best solution is to use the Real Debrid device with the streaming applications together. You got so many questions lined up, right?

We will help you to answer all these questions in a way that allows you to understand the details easily. Make sure to stay with us till the end to find the answers in detail.

What Is Real Debrid?

What Is Real-Debrid

Many people think that Real-Debrid is an addon. However, the truth is that it’s a multi-hosting service optimizing your streaming experience by providing unrestricted downloading while streaming services.

It is a very popular multi-hoster; therefore, the leading service is to offer multiple HD streaming sources. You can also not get any of them available on other Kodi add-ons. This tool works very well with all the famous add-ons.

Real Debrid com device gets the links from 56 supporting hosts. The difference between regular links and RD links is that they are not common for use, unlike the Kodi addons scrape from the internet.

Another good thing about the real debrid device is that they host on mostly high-bandwidth servers. It makes the streams stable and faster. Thanks to that, you get a seamless experience while HD streaming.

If you are a beginner, it might become a bit hard to use the tool in the initial stages. So, we all provide some details to help us use the Real Debrid device. 

Beginning Guide To Use The Real Debrid Tool

Using Real Debrid Tool

To use the Real Debrid, you have to start by signing up for an account first. From there, you can enjoy some links from different hosts like Big4Shared, Mega, Filefactory, etc., and you can enjoy. Hence one of the common questions that many users can ask us about a free Real Debrid Account.

For a lot of years, Real Debrid devices offering a free limited plan to users. With the help of this plan, you can get some features of the service. However, you cannot use them between 6 Am 12 PM, Central European Time. 

Unfortunately, the real-debrid/com/device plan was discontinued recently. The team announced that –

Our service costs a lot of money, so we are unable to provide it for free. Quality is our top priority, and we must ensure the maximum download speed during peak hours to satisfy others. Hoster’s Premium accounts or traffic agreements can’t be paid through advertising.

To enjoy the Real Debrid device, you also need to use the premium package. You can enjoy some great features that are given below.

  • HTML5 Streaming (without any plugin).
  • High-speed downloads of up to 1000 MBPS.
  • No advertising or waiting times.
  • RSDF, DLC, CCF decrypter.
  • Chrome, Firefox, Jdownloader plugins.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • Parallel downloads. 
  • Multiple hosters on one website.
  • Download accelerators support.
  • AES secure downloads.

How To Sign Up For An Account On Real Debrid Device?

Sign Up Account Real Debrid

First, you must visit the official website https real debrid com device to start the signup process. You can create one without any payment method. Go to the top right corner and click on “Sign up.” Therefore you also get a panel where Real Debrid only asks for the email address and username.

Provide the information required and fill up the form. An email sends to confirm the registration and account activation. Hence start by clicking on the link in the email, and the accounts are getting activated.

Head back to the real-debrid/device website and click on the login button beside sign up. Hence if you want to upgrade to premium, here are some packages you can choose from.

  • 15 days – 3 Euros (150 Fidelity points) 
  • 30 days: 4 Euros (2000 Fidelity points)
  • 90 days: 9 Euros (450 Fidelity points)
  • 180 days: 16 Euros (00 Fidelity points)

You can use the Fidelity points to access the real debrid/device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How Many Devices Can I Use Real Debrid On?

You can use the Real-Debrid account for as many devices as you want if they are connected to the same IP address. Suppose there are more than five devices available with the same IP address. Setting up the Real-Debrid account can open a lot more possibilities for you.

Q2. How Do You Use Real Debrid For Free?

To do that, you will need to follow these steps. First, visit the official website of Real Debrid and click on the sign-up option. It will help you to activate the account. When you receive the confirmation mail, go and click on the link that can help to activate the account. After everything is done, you will need to sign in again, and you are all set.

Q3. How Do I Use Real Debrid Authentication?

Here are the steps you can follow to open up a free account with Debrid.

(a) Visit the website of Real Debrid device and press the sign-in button. 
(b) A menu will slide up; fill it up with your details. 
(c) Click on Sign Up for free. 
(d) Now, visit the email account and click on the confirmation link. 
(e) Go back to the official website of Read Debrid and click on login to add the info.

Q4. What Is Real Debrid, And How Does It Work?

It is a subscription service that provides users access to all the file hosters that are additional. Subscriptions start from €3 or USD 3.17, but they can go very high to USD $16.88 or €16 for a pack of 6 months. When a user of Kodi selects to watch something, Real Debrid helps get additional links through the 49 supported hosts.


It is difficult for a new user to know everything about Real Debrid Device. So, using it in the initial stages may become very hard. We are here to help you out and provide the best guide. You can go through this article to find out all the details of the Real Debrid device. 

From pricing to other factors is very well explained. It will help you to learn more and use the tool with ease. If this article helped you to learn more about the tool, make sure to share it with others and comment your thoughts down below.

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