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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: A tell-all Guide

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

You must have heard about rejection sensitive dysphoria. Well, if you have not then this is simply a symptom of mental illness and is strong with attention deficit.

In this article, we are going to look at rejection sensitivity and how this is likely to affect your daily life. We are going to cover all the possibilities about this and help you understand everything perfectly well.

What is rejection sensitive dysphoria and what you need to know

If you have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder you must have experienced some rejection sensitive dysphoria. This is a form of mental illness you may find yourself experiencing severe emotional sensitivity and some emotional pain.

In most cases, people with this condition may perceive things and situations differently. However, in some cases, the reality might even be different and not one to cause any emotional pain. One such example is one person who is waiting for a delayed message.

In this case, the person might start experiencing some sort of anxiety and low self-esteem to some extent. This is one of the greatest signs of rejection sensitive dysphoria and one that is so common in many people.

So, what is rejection by its definition?


Rejection emanates from that place where individual ideas and concepts might be rejected.  Normally these ideas and concepts might be rejected for a particular reason valid or not. There are two types of rejection which are social rejection and emotional rejection.

When this goes on for a long period it leads to a person developing some severe anxiety in some situations. In some cases, the person might have these low esteem feelings as well as hopeless feelings.

Dysphoria by definition

This word emanates from the Greek word dysphoric which simply means hard to bear. Therefore, this word can be defined as that feeling of the mind that is just so hard to bear.

Rejection sensitivity and relationships


A study carried out in the year 1996 revealed that sensitivity can have a bearing on people’s inmate relationships. This research went ahead to reveal that people with this condition experience in their intimate relationship as well as dissatisfaction.

For instance, there are those people that are somehow emotionally dependent on their partners. Some also hold this fear that their partner might somehow leave them. All these are examples of a person who is rejection sensitive for they fear that their partners might leave them.

There are those people who are unhappy in their relationships. However, unlike the case in other situations, these people are simply unhappy due to the way they perceive their partners. This example proves that the rejection of sensitive people might be experiencing dissatisfaction or general unhappiness.

Rejection sensitivity affects men and women differently

Those men who are rejection sensitive appear to be in control of their intimate relationships. Such men seem to get easily jealous of any situations that may appear to compromise their relationships with their partners. It is estimated and even proven that such men are in a position or tend to abuse their partners.

On the other hand, those women that are rejection sensitive tend to behave differently from men in intimate relationships. Women, tend to remain somehow hostile and negative whenever they are in a relationship. For instance, those women who think they are not receiving sufficient attention might verbally abuse their partners.

In some cases, it is proven that such women might or tend to deny their partners the required sexual satisfaction.

RSD compared to ADHD


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity is one mental disorder that tends to affect those people with brain activity. The condition is mostly associated with tree things. These three things are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

In general, the ADHD condition might present itself differently in adults compared to kids. For instance, kids with this condition might experience increased hyperactivity together with an inability to focus. On the other side, adults may reject sensitivity and hyperactivity-impulsivity.

ADHD is simply a form of brain development disorder. Generally, people with this condition tend to have an underdeveloped caudate, nucleus, putamen, and nucleus accumbens among other relevant parts. Looking at these parts keenly and daily these parts keenly you will be able to know how they contribute to daily emotions.

For instance, the amygdala which is part of the brain is responsible for functions such as decision-making and emotions. Any adult with ADHD would have a lower amount of amygdala. This means that this condition will result in the inability to focus as well as rejection sensitivity.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria compared to social phobia

Social phobia is also known as a social anxiety disorder. This refers to the idea that people may have of being placed in a social situation or just at the center of attraction. This is one form of mental illness that might result in a person feeling anxious, with an increased heartbeat when put at the center of attention. In the event that your kids exhibit any signs, check out these calming activities to help your child overcome anxiety.

As a result, a person with this condition might develop symptoms that are close to rejection sensitivity. This might include some sort of depressiveness, low esteem, and being sensitive to criticism. With a keen look at rejection sensitive people, it is obvious what mental illness looks like.

However, you need to know that social phobia causes are generally genetics. If not that past social and cultural experiences could be another reason. Underdevelopment of the brain could also be another cause of ADHD.

Rejection sensitivity is also similar given that it is one of the underlying symptoms of both social phobia and ADHD.


For many years now there has been so much confusion regarding rejection sensitive dysphoria. However, the information in the text above contains everything that you need to know. The information covers a wide area in this regard and will boost your understanding of this area.

If you are struggling with this condition the text will help you to understand why. Whether you are a man or woman you need to need to go through this properly.

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