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Who Is Taahirah O’neal? Biography, Net Worth & More [Updated]

Taahirah O'neal
NameTaahirah O’neal
Date of Birth19 July 1996
Height165 cm 5’5”
ParentsShaquille O’Neal, Arnetta Yardbourgh
CountryUnited States
EducationOglethorpe University in 2019
CareerSocial Media Marketing & Community Outreach Specialist at Pepsico
Net Worth$3 million

If you are wondering who Taahirah O’neal is, then the answer might shock you ( at least a little.) Taahirah is the eldest daughter of the former NBA star Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, also known as Shaq.

Now, this might come as a shock since, even after being the daughter of one of the most famous NBA players of all time, she shies away from the spotlight that her half-siblings often proudly enjoy.

Even though she stays away from the tremendous fame of her father, Tahriaah has gained her reputation – and the story might shock you. Go through this article to learn more about Tahriaah O’neal.

Who Is Taahirah O’neal?

O’neal is the eldest daughter of the former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal. She is the only daughter of Shaquille and his former girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh. Taahirah has two young half-brothers named Shareef and Shaqir and two younger half-sisters named Amirah and Me’arah.

Taahirah was born in Orlando, Florida. But she was raised in Houston, Texas. Taahirah has graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oglethorpe University in 2019 and has a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology, and her minor degree is in African American studies and Politics.

Aside from being the daughter of a former NBA player, Taahirah plays an active role in community outreach, development, and fundraising and also works to support different charities and organizations in Houston. In simple words, she is working to help develop the community she grew up in.

Taahirah O’neal Career

Taahirah has a LinkedIn profile where she represents herself as a Social Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist who is known for delivering strategic plans for maximizing brand awareness. She also has been recognizes as a leader who motivates her colleagues and co-workers and is also known for distributing engaging content ideas. She expertly designs unique content that engages the target audience while complying with all the safety and public health regulations.

She started working with Pepsico back in 2020. Her strategic action plans help the famous brand of Pepsico maximize its brand awareness. Before joining Pepsico, Taahirah O’Neal helped raise funds for non-profit organizations like Texas Children’s Hospital, Trevor Project, and Black Women’s Health Imperative.

Taahirah O’neal Net Worth

Even after being the daughter of the NBA legend, Taahirah is a self-made millionaire. Yes, it might seem obvious since she is the daughter of a millionaire NBA star. However, the majority of her net worth came from her own income.

She has earned her reputation and her worth by working in the corporate sector all by herself. Her work in the Pepsico company’s brand marketing through social media marketing. When it comes to her net worth, she has made a net worth of but three million dollars all by herself. This is the update that I have till November 2023.

Even though she has her self-earned net worth, Taahirah also has a door open to access the massive $400 million net worth of her father Shaq.

Shaquille O’neal And His Life Outside Basketball Court

Shaquille O’Neal was not only a successful player inside the court. He was earning massive paychecks as a player, but outside the field, he was also making a fortune through thoughtful investment.

He has earned a massive wealth of $400 million through different brand endorsements and investments. His name was associated with different brands such as JCPenney, Papa John’s, Five Guys, and Krispy Kreme. Shaq owns almost 200 franchises of Five Guys, Papa John’s, and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels. During the 1990s, Shaq was among the stock market-savvy players off the basketball court.

He had many bond rally ventures during the early 90s. Some of these investments include different companies such as Apple, General Electric, Pepsico, and more. His success as an investor also has a connection to his investment in some of the top incipient and burgeoning technologies and businesses.

Wall Street Journal Claims that Shaq had invested in Loyal3, a now-defunct company aiming to make the IPO market simple for the layman. Between 2013 to 2022, O’Neal was also a part owner of the Sacramento Kings.

Aside from his career as a basketball star and investor Shaquille has invested himself in different types of media activities. Acting and rapping are also among some of the skills and areas Shaq has explored.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the questions and answers related to Taahirah O’Neal. You may find them insightful.

1. What Degrees Does Taahirah O’neal Have?

Ans: The eldest daughter of former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, Taahirah O’neal graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2019 from Oglethorpe University. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and she has a minor in African America studies and politics.

2. Is Taahirah O Neal The Oldest Daughter?

Ans: Yes, Taahirah O Neal is the eldest daughter of the former NBA star Shaquille ONeal. Taahirah was born in 1996, and she is the daughter of Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yarborough. She is not that much highlighted in the media because he chooses not to; it is also because she prioritizes her career.

3. What Does Taahirah O Neal Do For A Living?

Ans: Taahirah O’neal specializes in communication and social media marketing. She has worked with multiple organizations and is currently working as a social media marketing & communication analyst at Pepsico. She is the eldest daughter of the NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Like Father Like Daughter

O’Neal. He has explored different aspects of his career and has made $400 million in net worth. It is no wonder that his elder daughter takes after him and has made a good reputation in the corporate sector with a successful career as a social media marketing expert. I hope that you have found the information you were looking for on Tahiraah O’Neal.

However, if there are any queries related to the same, you can ask them in the comment section. We will get in touch with you and answer your queries.

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