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Benefits Of Taking Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates

The misconceptions around Pilates are many, one of which is the prevalent one that equipment is essential for Pilates. Give us the liberty to bust that for you.

Mat Pilates is one of a good starting points for beginners who have no prior experience with this fitness modality. It is as much a part of Pilates as equipment. Instructors all over the globe will urge you to try mat Pilates before they introduce the heavy stuff to you.

In this blog, we are going to reveal 5 benefits of Mat Pilates and why you should opt for it when you join a Pilates class.

Let’s jump right into it.

#1 It encompasses all the basics

Mat Pilates will cover a lot of the fundamental movement techniques you must know before you move on to advanced stuff. Terms like the neutral spine, c-curve, pelvic stability, etc become clear practically.

Nailing the basic techniques is vital to advanced Pilates classes so that you don’t perform the exercises wrong and land yourself with some injury.

#2 It trains you for Mat Pilates Equipment

#2 It trains you for Mat Pilates Equipment

Some instructors claim that good mat Pilates skills usually translate to good equipment Pilates skills. There’s no evidence that Joseph Pilates, the man behind Pilates intended one to be a pre-step to another. But you will notice most studios encourage their students to excel at mat Pilates before jumping onto the equipment.

#3 It gives you all the benefits of Pilates exercises

Mat Pilates is a comprehensive workout that takes care of your flexibility, posture, movement, tone, etc. You can enjoy all the benefits Pilates has to offer through mat work.

Mat Pilates is predominantly beneficial for your core as almost all the exercises work out your abdominal muscles. So, it is a complete package and you won’t be missing out on anything even if you skip the equipment.

#4 It can be performed at home

#4 It can be performed at home

We know that equipment is a vital part of a lot of Pilates exercises. But it just isn’t feasible or even frugal to get the Pilates reformer at home. You will always have to join a studio if you want to do equipment Pilates.

For mat Pilates, simply a mat will suffice if you want to work out from home. All you need to do is search for an online Pilates class and you will have an instructor on your screen at home, too.

It is a great way to simulate a studio at home, especially in this pandemic.

#5 It incorporates all the principles of Pilates

Pilates is designed around the principles of concentration, breathing, control, precision, breath, centering, and flow. You can work on these elements at your own pace during mat Pilates. Focusing on each element and improving body, mind, and spirit is easier when done on the mat first. When you perform exercises on the mat, you feel more grounded and it’s easy to identify the spiritual element and embody the principles of Pilates.

Pilates workouts can be tricky without an instructor. If you have been looking for online Pilates classes for beginners but haven’t had any luck, you have come to the right place. Learn all the basic Pilates exercises from the celebrity trainer and nutritionist, Radhika Karle. Her unluclass covers everything you need to know as a beginner at Pilates. Subscribe now.

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