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An Ultimate Guide to Lanyards for Your Office Staff    


ID cards play a vital role in an office building. You need to ensure that your employees can always carry their IDs around when they are at work.

It ensures that the person is in the right place and doing the right job. However, for the cards to be obvious, there needs to be a way of keeping them out on display at all times.

It is where lanyards come in to play. A lanyard helps hold the ID card outside of the pocket, around the neck. These also provide other benefits for your employees that make their work more accessible and more efficient. For example, an office manager makes it much easier for you to schedule shift changes when you wear an ID around your neck.

The following article will discuss the different types of lanyards, their advantages, and their disadvantages. It will also discuss some tips on choosing the right one for your office staff.

Different Lanyard Types to Choose From

Different Lanyard Types to Choose From

There are four main types of these accessories available in any stationery store near you, which includes the following:

a. Plastic Clip

According to reports, the global plastic market was valued at $579.7 billion in 2020.

A plastic clip lanyard is the most common type of lanyard seen in the market. They are made from a plastic material with a metal clip at one end, which you attach to your ID card. This type of lanyard often comes with an extra slot for your key as well.

b. Corded Clip

These are similar to the previous type but come with a string instead of a plastic clip. The clips are made from either nylon or cotton. They generally use metal clips to attach them to the ID card.

c. Nylon Cord

It is very similar to the corded lanyard but comes with an extra feature that allows you to adjust its length.

d. Velcro Closure

The velcro closure is very much like the nylon cord in terms of function but instead features a strip of velcro. It allows you to adjust its length when required. Also, it makes it extremely easy for you to slip your ID card in and out without too much effort.

Advantages of Lanyards

Advantages of Lanyards

There are innumerable benefits of having your office staff wear lanyards to make their work more accessible and efficient. Here are some benefits explained:

View ID’s Easily

When you wear your ID around your neck, it is easier for somebody to glance at the card and verify who you are. It makes it easier for clients to approach you if they have any questions about the company or services.

If you are a worker who is always on the go, an ID around your neck can be a lot more convenient for customers or clients who need to view identification immediately. It also creates a solid professional impression for them.

Easier To Manage Employees

Easier To Manage Employees

When you wear an ID around your neck, it is easier to switch between employees on the same shift. It also makes it easier to schedule shift changes as you quickly glance at the ID card to see what time they have to clock in.

Easier To Secure

When you wear an ID around your neck, it is much harder to lose the card. It means that you will not need to go out and buy a new one every time somebody misplaces their lanyard or id card.

Personal Identification

 Personal Identification

Having an ID around your neck means it is easier to identify where you are when needed. It will help you if you forget which floor of the building you are at.

 Easy To Identify

If you are the head of a department, it is easier to identify who works in which department when they wear their ID around their neck. Also, it will be much easier to point out visitors when they visit your office for the first time.

Makes Your Staff Look Professional

Makes Your Staff Look Professional

Employees tend to take a great deal of pride in what they wear. Having their ID around their neck makes it easier for them to look professional when representing your company at meetings or other events outside the office.

Who Should Buy Lanyards?

Lanyards are one of the great products for just about any business. It helps identify your staff members, makes them look professional, and ensures they never lose their ID cards. Because of these positive benefits, they can be used for all types of office jobs or work situations.

A lanyard is a great accessory for your office staff. It provides benefits that make it easier to identify who works in which department while also protecting their ID cards from getting misplaced easily or damaged.

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