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Vital Questions To Ask Outsourced Video Distribution Providers Before Using Their Services

Video Distribution Providers

With the increase in demand for video across all platforms, the need to distribute your materials efficiently and effectively is critical to ensuring the success of your production.

More and more video production companies are turning to outsourced video distribution providers to make sure they have the greatest reach.

There are many factors to consider; here, we look at the questions you should be asking when thinking about outsourcing.

When Do You Require A Video Distribution System?

The video distribution system is helping to balance the sound system of rooms. That is centralized control over the music and audio, and video distribution. Whatever requirements are required. This is the ultimate solution for your house’s sound distribution systems.

When do you know you require the right video distribution systems for your home?

  • You want to play the music in your whole house.
  • Want to reach out to the audience at the right time.
  • You want to listen to music while swimming or in the garden.
  • You do not want to listen to gaming music outside the gaming room.

These are the three times when you require video and audio distribution systems. But how to select the right one? Here are the questions you need to know before choosing the video distribution systems.

4 Questions You Must Ask Your Video Distribution Company:

4 Questions You Must Ask Your Video Distribution Company

Every video distribution platform works in a separate way. And each of the service providers offers different facilities. For example, home video distribution systems and commercial video distribution systems are other.

So when you are going to select your video distribution company, first know your requirements and then match up your needs.

Here are three questions that you need to ask your service providers.

1. Where Is Your Audience Located? 

Choosing where you want your content to be distributed is a great first step in the process. The main point to consider is the geographic location and to ensure your distribution partner has access to all locations and networks. 

If you are looking to distribute your content everywhere you possibly can, Red Bee Media is a good choice as they can distribute your content to any audience, in any location, in any format. Not every distribution provider has this flexibility, so it’s key to research thoroughly when making your choice. 

2. What Technology Does The Provider Use? 

The video distribution platforms and technology in all sectors and industries is developing at an incredible pace, and with the stratospheric increase in the popularity of video across the globe, this industry is no different. Factors to consider are, for example, does the provider have a global network? Do they provide public cloud access

Do they offer a built-in UHD/HDR capability? Do they provide their own platform? The reliability of your provider could be the key to the success of your content.

If the technology they use isn’t up to scratch or is unreliable, you could be left with a poor-quality delivery to your audience. Make sure you research the technology thoroughly, speak to current customers, and run some experiments to test out the delivery process they have in place and be sure that you can rely on every part of the process. 

3. What Support Is Offered?

Alongside the technology that is used by your video distribution provider, the people behind the technology are just as important to ensuring the success of your project.

There are many hurdles that need to be overcome in video distribution and challenges that can crop up across all parts of the process, so ensuring there is an efficient support portal behind the technology is key. 

You can look across every industry to compare good support, but in the consumer video market, there are main players like Vimeo, and Wistia to see how a great support experience can make your project a success. Look out for features such as live event monitoring, 24/7 support, and the presence of ISO quality standards. 

4. Do They Have The Ability To Scale?

Finally, you should consider how scalable the distribution network is. The capacity of the provider could be the difference between you reaching the audience you want and not, so it’s important to know if they have the reach you desire.

This can be through the networks and locations they have access to through a video distribution company  – do they have the ability to deploy content quickly in all locations across the world? 

The ability to offer always-on dynamic capacity is the final key factor we will consider and not one that is prevalent with all providers, so be sure to look for features like automation of control and monitoring, access to additional production facilities, and integration with other platforms to be sure you are choosing the right partner.


Distribution of your video content is a key step in your project, so it’s important to do your research across all these areas when choosing the right provider to ensure its success.

Before selecting a video distribution company service provider, always keep asking these questions about your service providers. So, what types of video distribution services do you prefer most? Let us know through the comment sections.

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