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Apple Pencil Not Charging? – Here Are The Steps To Fix It?

Are you facing trouble like Apple pencil not charging? This is heartbreaking to see these kinds of troubles, especially when it’s a matter of your favorite Apple pencil.

The Apple Pencil is an advanced stylus designed for use with the iPad and iPhone. It was first introduced in 2015 for the iPad Pro and has since been made compatible with other iPad models as well as iPhone. The Apple Pencil is widely used for drawing, sketching, taking notes, and interacting with apps.

Apple Pencil Features 

Apple pencil not charging error can happen anytime as multiple outstanding features are combined in a single gadget. Any type of malfunction can happen at any time! So better prepare for it and take precautions before it happens.

Apple Pencil Features

Let’s take a glimpse of the apple pencil features first.

Precise And Accurate

One of the main features of the Apple Pencil is its precision and accuracy. 

It has a sensitive tip when your Apple pencil not charging message is showing. This can detect different levels of pressure and tilt, allowing for more nuanced and natural drawing and writing. 

Palm Rejection Technology

It also features palm rejection technology, which allows users to rest their hands on the screen while using the pencil without interfering with their strokes.

Seamless Work With Applications

Another key feature of the Apple Pencil is its ability to work seamlessly with apps. 

It fully supports Apple’s built-in apps like Notes and Mail, allowing an easy annotation and markup of documents and pictures.

It also works with various third-party apps are designing for drawing, note-taking, and creative work.

Easy To Use And Long Battery Life

The Apple Pencil is also straightforward to use. It can be paired to the iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth and automatically charges while connecting.

The battery life of the Apple Pencil is also quite long and lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. When the messages show notifications regarding Apple pencil not charging, that means longer battery life does not help you.

Ability To Change 

The Apple Pencil also has advanced features, such as changing tools and gesture commands, making it a more versatile device. 

Users can switch between different brush styles and thicknesses in an illustration app or adjust the cursor size in a word-processing app.

Attractive Smart Design

In addition to its functionality and features, the Apple Pencil is also notable for its design. Usually, the designs are not connected with the issues like Apple pencil not charging.

It is made of high-quality materials and has a sleek and minimalistic look that is characteristic of Apple products. Its slim, lightweight design makes it very comfortable to hold and carry around.

Why Are Notifications Like Apple Pencil Not Charging Showing Up?

Despite the many benefits of the Apple Pencil, there are a few potential downsides to consider, which might be reasons for Apple pencil not charging type error.

The price of the Apple Pencil may be considered high by some, especially when compared to other stylus options on the market. Additionally, some users may find the pencil less responsive or sensitive than they would like.

Why Are Notifications Like Apple Pencil Not Charging Showing Up

The Apple Pencil is a powerful and versatile tool that can significantly enhance the iPad and iPhone experience for users who need precision and accuracy for drawing, writing, and many other activities.

Whether you’re a professional artist, designer, or student, the Apple Pencil can help you be more productive and creative.

Apple Pencil Not Charging? How To Fix It?

Apple Pencil Not Charging? How To Fix It?

If you see the notifications like Apple Pencil not charging messages, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem:

1. Make Sure The Apple Pencil Is Properly Connected: 

Make sure the Apple Pencil plugging into the lightning port of your iPad or iPhone and that the connection is secure.

2. Check The Charging Cable: 

For sorting out the Apple pencil not charging, ensure the charging cable is in good condition and not frayed or damaged. If the cable is damaged, you may need to replace it.

3. Restart Your Device:

Try restarting your iPad or iPhone and then charging your Apple Pencil again.

4. Check For Updates: 

Make sure your iPad or iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. If an update is available, install it and then try charging your Apple Pencil again. In many cases, after updating the system, the Apple pencil not charging notification stopped.

5. Try A Different Charging Method: 

If your Apple Pencil still doesn’t charge, try connecting it to a different power source, such as a computer or power adapter.

6. Check If It’s A Hardware Issue: 

If none of the above steps work, there may be a hardware issue with the Apple Pencil, and you might need to take the pencil to an Apple store or authorized repair center.

If you cannot resolve the charging issue, it’s best to contact Apple support. They will be able to assist you further and confirm if the pencil is defective or if there is any software issue.

How To Connect Apple Pencil To iPad? (For All Generations)

Often people ask for a solution when the Apple pencil not charging error occurs. Solutions are here; start with the compatibility test of the Apple pencil. No matter what generation of Apple pencils you have, here is the compatibility list. 

How To Connect Apple Pencil To iPad?

Take a look at this and check whether your pencil is compatible with the devices.

1st Generation Apple Pencil Compatible Devices

The following iPad models are compatible with the Apple Pencil 1st Generation.

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st or 2nd generation models)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation models)
  • 5th generation iPad mini models
  • iPad of 6th,7th and 8th generation models
  • 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro

 2nd Generation Apple Pencil Compatible Devices

The following iPad models are compatible with the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation.

  • 1st generation iPad Pro 11in
  • 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9-in
  •  iPad Air model

How To Connect Apple Pencil 1st Generation To iPad?

If you are facing troubles like the Apple pencil not charging, here are some tips you should follow to connect the 1st generation Apple Pencil to your iPad.

Step 1: Remove the back cap and expose the lighting output.

Step 2: A small pop-up box will appear and give you the pairing option.

Step 3: Your Apple pencil will going to connect your iPad.

If, after following these steps, your iPad will not connect with the 1st generations Apple Pencil, you have to retry it.

How To Connect Apple Pencil 2nd Generation To iPad?

Now let’s see what steps you need to follow to connect the 2nd generation Apple Pencil to the iPad.

Step 1: Take your Apple pencil and attach it to the sides of your iPad.

Step 2: Check the onboard magnetic connectors and ensure it sticks.

Step 3: You will be notified whether your Apple pencil connects with your iPad.

Step 4: Your work is complete.

Even after following these steps, if you are still trying to connect with the 2nd generations Apple Pencil To IPad.Then process the same steps again and check whether it is connected.

How To Charge An Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil takes charge using the lightning connector on your iPad or iPhone. To charge the Apple Pencil:

How To Charge an Apple Pencil?

To solve the situations like Apple pencil not charging, let’s see first how to charge your Apple Pencil.

  1. Connect the Apple Pencil to the lightning connector on your iPad or iPhone by plugging the pencil into the device’s charging port.
  2. The charging process will begin automatically, and the battery status display will be on the screen.
  3. When the Apple Pencil has a full charge or not, an alert will appear on the screen.

Does Your Apple Pencil Battery Responsible?

Apple pencil not charging error is also possible when you try to charge the Apple Pencil with a USB-C to lightning cable.

Does Your Apple Pencil Battery Responsible?

In this case, you will need a wall adapter or power bank to charge it. This is useful when you need an iPad or iPhone around.

How To Check The Functions Of Apple Pencil Battery?

Please note that it takes around 15 minutes of charging time to give 30 minutes of usage. It takes about 30 minutes to charge up to 50% and about 90 minutes to charge the pencil entirely.

It’s also good practice to check and ensure your iPad/iPhone software is updated and use the original Apple lightning cable to charge your pencil.

1. Battery Life Longevity

Sometimes Apple pencil not charging errors are also possible for the battery model and features. The battery life of the Apple Pencil depends on the model and usage.

The first-generation Apple Pencil can last for up to 12 hours of continuous use and charge in under an hour, while the second-generation Apple Pencil lasts up to 30 minutes of use with just a 15-second total capacity requires an hour for complete charging.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the battery life of the Apple Pencil may vary depending on how it is using for. For example, using a pencil for drawing and sketching with high levels of pressure and tilt can drain the battery more quickly than simply taking notes or navigating the iPad or iPhone.

2. Check The Battery Notifications

To check the battery level of your Apple Pencil, you can use the Notifications Center on your iPad or iPhone or the battery widget. 

From this notification center, you can see the battery level of your Pencil. Or you can check the battery level on the lock screen of your iPad when you connect your pencil to charge and sort out the issues like Apple pencil not charging. If your Apple pencil is not charging, then always investigate the battery notifications.

Wrapping Up:

It’s always a good practice to keep an eye on the battery level of your Apple Pencil and make sure it’s charged when you need it. If you’re using the pencil for an extended period, it’s a good idea to charge it thoroughly before Apple pencil not charging type error start showing. Do you think I am missing any of the points? Comment back and let us know your opinion.

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