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How do I start learning metaverse?

The metaverse has shown the world how virtual experiences can blend with physical environments. It is one of the revolutionary innovations in recent times, which almost heralds our transition into the “future,” highlighted in dystopian science fiction movies and novels. The methods for metaverse learning depend on the preferences of learners and their objectives for career development in the metaverse.

According to a survey by Statista in March 2022, around 36% of online adult users have expressed a positive view of using the metaverse. The use cases of the metaverse ranging from virtual concerts to virtual art galleries, have successfully achieved better adoption rates. As the market for the metaverse grows further, it is important to find reliable learning paths for developing your skills and knowledge of metaverse. The following post helps you find out some effective tools for learning metaverse.

Reasons for Learning Metaverse

Most beginners would have doubts such as “What should I study to learn metaverse?” and the reasons for investing their efforts. Metaverse is still a new technology, and candidates would think twice before committing their careers to a new innovation. However, the career prospects in the metaverse imply favorable reasons to find how to learn about the metaverse and prepare for metaverse jobs. Candidates have the advantage of learning skills that would help them build long-term career foundations.

On top of it, the appealing salary estimates for metaverse professionals are a vital highlight for aspiring candidates. For example, you can learn metaverse development and earn an average annual salary of $150,000 for entry-level jobs. The salary for metaverse professionals could vary according to the organization, the experience of the candidate and job role. Considering the massive skill gap in metaverse technology right now, professionally trained and certified metaverse professionals can access better career opportunities.

Top Courses for Learning Metaverse

Candidates can find out how to learn about the metaverse by following a structured approach. You need to choose training courses that help you build your fundamental knowledge of metaverse and metaverse technology. Here are some of the most popular training courses for learning about metaverse.

       Metaverse Fundamentals Course

The Metaverse Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains is a simple and comprehensive training material on metaverse basics. You can familiarize yourself with the importance of web3, blockchain and NFTs in the metaverse. The course can serve as the starting point of your metaverse learning journey with in-depth insights into uses of the metaverse.

The training course helps you learn about the most notable metaverse projects and games. Most important of all, the Metaverse Fundamentals training course also helps you learn about the applications of metaverse for land ownership. Other important topics in the course include the combination of metaverse with DeFi and GameFi.

       Metaverse Technology Course

The Metaverse Technology course is the next stage in the journey of candidates who want to learn to earn metaverse jobs. It provides a deep dive into the concept underlying the foundations of the metaverse. Candidates can also use the course to improve their technical understanding of the metaverse.

The training course provides detailed coverage of the important technical components which help in building the metaverse. It is a trusted training resource to learn metaverse programming with the use of metaverse technologies. The emphasis on the practical use of metaverse technologies helps in broadening the expertise of aspiring metaverse professionals.

       Certified Metaverse Professional

Another important metaverse training course on 101 Blockchains is the Certified Metaverse Professional certification training course. The certification helps you learn about metaverse fundamentals and its relationship with web3 and blockchain. On top of it, the certification also validates the skills of learners in metaverse technology alongside the challenges of using NFTs in the metaverse.



The training courses and certification for metaverse technology on 101 Blockchains serve promising answers for beginners in metaverse. If you have doubts regarding how to learn metaverse development or the basics, the 101 Blockchains training courses can help you. At the same time, you should also take a look at the details of the training courses and certification courses. It is important to check the course content and other basic information about the training courses before investing your time. Find out more details about the metaverse training courses and certification on 101 Blockchains right now.       



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