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4 Ways To Become A U.S. Citizen

U.S. Citizen

There are several paths to get into the U.S. but staying there for a long time is not possible with their citizenship. Therefore, if you want to stay permanently in the U.S., you will have to focus on the particular U.S. citizen’s criteria and procedures.

Immigrants worldwide are excited to get U.S. citizenship and want to stay there their entire life. The craze related to the country is not new.

However, one of the prominent reasons for this particular craze is that it is an already developed country, and if you get a green card, you will be able to get enormous benefits for living there.

Leading a good lifestyle is the dream of everyone though not everyone gets it. But the people who have money and the opportunity to lead a good life do not hesitate to miss the chance. Apart from that, this modern world is all about grabbing the full opportunity.

People are getting more liberal and also allowing themselves to enjoy their life to the fullest without any regret. This kind of modern approach assists them in thinking of a new place as a better place altogether.

Ways To Become A U.S. Citizen

There are basically four main ways to become a member of U.S. society. If you want a green card, you have to consider or go through one of those options.

  • Citizenship by Marriage.
  • Citizenship by Naturalization.
  • Citizenship by the military.
  • Citizenship through parents.

But getting through any of those processes is not as easy as you think, and you will need a citizenship lawyer to proceed with those processes.

1. Citizenship Through Naturalization

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Naturalization is a common process to become a U.S. citizen by approving your green card as a foreigner. Though there are other ways to deal with it, you will be able to easily get your green card through this process.

Thousands of foreigners follow this process, and only a few of them, according to the criteria, get the opportunity. So it’s better to know the procedure before you get through this.

  • You will have to stay there for at least five years in a legal way to get a permanent green card.
  • Your age should be more than 18 years.
  • Try to be efficient in the English language to get the card.
  • Get basic knowledge of the U.S. government and history.
  • Oath of Allegiance is also necessary.

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2. Citizenship Through Marriage

This is another prominent way to get your job done easily. If you marry a U.S. citizen, you will be able to apply for a relationship alien Form I-130. This form will allow you to enter the place with proper evidence of your legal marriage.

Well, this process also needs to consider the neutralization criteria later. To get citizenship quickly, you should not neglect the importance of a citizenship lawyer. They will help you with the further proceedings of getting a permanent green card.

Here you will need to show a legal marriage and stay in the U.S. for at least three years.

3. Citizenship Through Parents

Citizenship Through Parents

Getting into the U.S. with the status of your parents is much easier than others. If both your parents were born in the U.S., you can easily apply for and claim your citizenship in that place.

But if any one of your parents is from the U.S., then you still need to apply for getting a green card. Well, there are some criteria that you need to fulfill during the petition.

  • Make sure that your parents have stayed in the U.S. for at least five years prior to your birth.
  • Your parents were married at the time of your birth.

4. Citizenship Through The Military

This is another process of getting a green card but is limited to military persons only. It also depends on where you have served the continent at the time of peace or hostile situation.

If you serve in the U.S. military in a hostile situation, then you will get the chance to apply directly for naturalization without being a permanent resident.

But if you have served in a peaceful situation, you will have to serve in the military for at least one year.

Apart from that, make sure that you apply for the card during your service or within six months of your service ends. Here you will also need to obtain a green card by contacting a citizenship lawyer.

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