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Driving Under The Influence: Understanding The Dangers Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Dangers Of Drunk Driving Accidents

Driving is a part of daily life for most people. For some people, it is a necessity. However, driving under the influence does not come under any prerequisite or emergency. Every day 37 people die in the United States due to drunken driving.

Even a small amount of alcohol can create a dangerous situation on the road. While driving, blood alcohol concentration (BAC) plays a major role in letting you understand your safe zone. When the BAC is .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL), the exponential crash risk comes on stage.

This is why almost 50 states consider this BAC level illegal while driving. Well, drinking is a bad habit for our health, and even a small amount could be the reason for someone’s death or injury on the road.

For instance, disfigurement, paralysis, brain damage, or death are the common consequences of. If you investigate further, most road accidents can be caused due to influence driving.

Here we will focus on the particular instances of driving under the influence. Our main focus will be on understanding the danger of drunken driving.


Well, we want to make people aware of the critical situations they may face. There is no better way to deal with alcohol exercises, as people will not be aware until they know the consequences.

The Dangers Caused By Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is a big deal to be concerned with, and this is where you need to be aware of the dangers.

Avoiding road accidents can be a crucial step that you can usually take. One such step is to become knowledgeable and aware of the consequences.

Let’s get started!

Impaired Hand-Eye Coordination

Driving is a vital skill that considers both hand and eye on stage. If you wish to drive without these particles, then it is a dream you are never going to fulfill. The skill sets of a person regarding driving a car or two-wheeler are all dependent on the coordination of your senses.

When you are influenced by a drink, you will not be able to cooperate with your senses properly, and that will ultimately affect your hands and eye impairment.

It’s not just about your vision or your strength to ride a car. It is more about what you see and how you coordinate your hand work with your vision. This coordination is a must skill to have while driving.

This is why when we start learning, we tend to miss this coordination, and as a result, we drive slowly, inappropriate to the conditions.

However, while driving under the influence, it is expected that you will probably compromise 20% of your coordination ability with your hands and eyes. So, the danger is not so far if you drive under the influence. Try not to consider this behavior casually.

Impairs Vision

We have already discussed that hand and eye coordination plays a major role while driving. However, your vision separately is going to cost you a lot.


If you are drunk, you will lose your sight a bit for the very moment. You know it if you have experienced it.

Once you are intoxicated, you are no longer looking at things as you did before. Blurred visions and uncontrolled eye movements are unsafe for drivers. It may cost you a heavy chance of a self-accident or crash with other vehicles.

Increased Chances Of An Accident

While on the road, there is always a risk of driving involved. No one wants accidents or commits to them.

But accidents are accidents!

You cannot stop every accident that is going to happen in the future. However, the only thing you can do is to be safe and keep others safe. According to the US Department of Transportation, a driver with a higher BAC level involves seven times more in fatal accidents than sober drivers.

This does not need any explanation as you have already understood the criticality of drunken driving. As a driver, you have the responsibility to take care of every person passing by you on the road.

You cannot be casual with this process of driving. Well, no one is asking you to stop a future account, for sure. However, you can deal with it in better ways.


Stop drinking, or at least do not drink while driving. This will help you to deal with future incidents and minimize the risk of it. Follow the road rules and drive safely without influence in accident-prone zones.

Legal Ramifications

Getting into legal considerations is a common thing with road accidents; while on the go, you will need to be safe and keep others safe on the road, and if you cannot do that, you will face major issues with your driving process.

Dealing with the instances of driving, you cannot be intoxicated, and this comes under the law and processing. So, driving under the influence (DUI) is not just about being safe, but it also considers legal ramifications.

Confronting legal issues will be cumbersome for anyone. A police officer may ask you to give a sobriety test by parking your car by the road. Apart from that, if they find your BAC level is high, they are going to charge you or take your car to the police station.

This is where you will not be able to fight alone, but you need a proper car accident lawyer or DUI lawyer, depending on your situation.

Consider the best DUI lawyer in New Jersey to ensure the fact that you are getting out of legal issues as soon as possible.

Poor Judgment And Memory Loss

Intoxication directly affects your brain and influences your rational thinking and judgments. While driving, making decisions becomes a major p[part of your practice. If you are a driver, you need to be a quick judge as well.

Making important decisions while behind the wheel can save many lives, including yours. While influenced, your memory might not work properly, and sometimes a blackout stage comes on the way.

This is not like you are out, but you will still be driving, and your judgemental stage will be zero. So, if the road is straight, there might not be any problem, but if a car is crossing you or coming from the opposite side, you might take more than usual time to make decisions, and this is how accidents occur.


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