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Eras Tour Boosts Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Above $1 Billion

Eras Tour Boosts Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Above $1 Billion

For Taylor Swift, it is just one hit after another. Her music has taken her to heights unimaginable by most. But this time, she is in the news for a different high. According to Bloomberg News, her net worth has touched $1.1 billion, estimates suggest.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift’s net worth has hit $1.1 billion, as her ongoing Eras Tour has contributed $370 million to her wealth. Bloomberg reports that the tour has also pumped $4.3 billion into the U.S. economy this year, which caught the attention of Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell as a hopeful sign of an improving economy.

It’s worth noting that Swift has achieved financial feats that are rare among artists, as she primarily makes the bulk of her money from music alone. Bloomberg’s breakdown of her earnings includes $400 million in earnings from her combined music catalog past and present, $120 million in streaming revenues, and $80 million in royalties from music sales, all on top of those massive concert revenues.

Bloomberg also counts the value of her five homes, which sits at a combined $110 million. Swift is in good company on the Forbes Celebrity Women earnings rankings with other superstar musicians, such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Rihanna.

While Rihanna is currently second on the list with a net worth of around $1.4 billion, the vast majority of her income is through her Fenty Beauty line of products and her many partnerships with other luxury brands. Swift is also known for her generous spirit.

She has given lavish bonuses to her staff and crew and has donated generously to local food banks on many stops along the Eras Tour. With her latest 1989 Taylor’s Version set to drop, her bank will only get bigger.

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