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Music Megastar, Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Becomes Parents The Second Time!

Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Becomes Parents The Second Time

According to the reports by TMZ on Monday, Rihanna and her partner, ASAP Rocky, welcomed their second child, a boy! The world learned Riri was pregnant at the Super Bowl halftime show when she showcased her baby bump wearing an unzipped red jumpsuit.

She performed in a show suspended 60 feet up in the air on a platform, and after that, her representatives confirmed her pregnancy! Even though there have been no confirmation statements from either the parents, TMZ claims that the child’s name starts with ‘R,’ which is also unknown.

Her dressing sense has always been adventurous, daring, and sexy! She reminded us again how maternity dressing can be equally sexy and appealing. A source informed PEOPLE magazine yesterday that Rihanna is focusing on her family, especially now that there is an addition!

According to the sources, the baby was born on 3rd August in Los Angeles. The pop star, now 34, has become a mother of two, speaking which she had her first child with ASAP Rocky last year in May!

The Barbadian singer is a businesswoman, a songwriter, and an actress! She has a well-known business acumen and is a fashion icon, a model, and a designer. She owns her skincare beauty accessories brand called Fenty.

A successful woman in her own right, Rihanna is taking a break from recording even though she is still passionate about her music. However, she does not have any major plans right now. Occasional projects can be taken on, but currently, she is not committed to any project.

Her involvement in motherhood and how she enjoys it shows how happy she is! She has appeared beautifully celebrating her pregnancy at the Met Gala, the Louis Vuitton inaugural campaign by Pharrell William, and the Oscars.

The celebrity couple plans to have more children and are jubilant with their parenthood!

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