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How To Crosspost On Reddit In Easy Steps?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of social media platforms to build your audience quickly and present yourself as a brand. Reddit is one of the most robust platforms where you can share your message freely with many subreddits.

Spreading the audience and expanding the follower base is easier with Reddit with its existing massive audience base. On a comparative note, similar other platforms are significantly smaller, catering to niche audiences interested in a single issue.

Therefore, crossposting is helpful for so many reasons. You must be here because you have searched about doing it all around but did not get a suitable solution. Nothing to worry about, as today we will share the easiest steps to crosspost on Reddit with you. 

In addition, we have also tried to focus on the information related to the concept of Reddit Crossposting and the difference between crossposts and existing posts. Lastly, we have also tried to cover how to crosspost on Reddit from a mobile application apart from the web browser. 

What Do You Mean By Reddit Crossposting?

Reddit Crossposting

However, when we speak about crossposting, the first name that comes to our mind is Reddit. Read this section carefully before you hop on to how to crosspost on Reddit.

Crossposting on Reddit is very much hyped in recent days due to several reasons. The central idea behind Reddit crossposting is to magnify your audience number. If you want your material to reach an enormous number of people (and comments) at once, you could opt to do this. 

The fundamental mechanism of cross-posting contains posting the same content or post in a number of subreddits at a single go. Even if the content is the same, you can post it in multiple communities (Subreddits). 

However, did you know that each of these posts on Reddit is not related to each other? Nevertheless, the likes and comments will not appear across the post despite linking to the previous posts.  

Crossposting Vs. Existing Post On Reddit

Crossposting Vs. Existing Post

There is a significant dissimilarity between Reddit Crosspost and Existing Post. Before knowing how to crosspost on Reddit, you must learn these differences. 

If you repost the same content in the same communities (subreddits) after the original content is posted, it is called an existing post. On the contrary, crossposting refers to posting the same content on a specific subreddit.

A crosspost can include a link to the original post, although the focus is on the original material. This is not the case with postings that simply include links, as clicking on the post’s title sends the user to the original post.

As you can see, this difference simply creates a sharp divergence between these two. If you are heading towards crossposting on Reddit, you need to understand what links to existing posts. However, much as with crossposting, make sure you have the authorization to link to another post in the same or other subreddit.

How To Crosspost On Reddit In A Web Browser?

Crosspost Web Browser

How To Crosspost On Reddit? – We have observed this question innumerable times from our followers. Crossposting on Reddit can be easily done in a web browser through some simple steps. Check the following section to know how to post on Reddit from a MAC or PC browser. 

  • Firstly, navigate to the Reddit Website and then go to a subreddit page. To do this, you can use the search bar.
  • Now, on the subreddit page, find the post that you would like to crosspost. After that, click the share button below the listed content.
  • A drop-down menu will appear in front of your screen. From that list, select the option named ‘Crosspost.’ A secret tip:  Choose the Crosspost button if you are using an older version of Reddit.
  • In the Create a Crosspost menu, select the subreddit where you want to post the crosspost. You will find this from the Choose a community menu. 
  • You will notice that ineligible subreddits will be greyed out. Once you are ready for posting, hit the Post button. If you need prior approval, choose the Request to Post button. 
  • After receiving approval, you will see the crosspost in the new subreddit as a new post with a tag named – Cross Posted by

How To Crosspost On Reddit In A Mobile App?

Crosspost Mobile App

Are you having only a mobile phone and no desktop or laptop? There is nothing to be concerned about because you can still Crosspost on Reddit using the Reddit mobile application. The steps to do these accurately are:

  • Open the Reddit app and in the search bar, look for the subreddit that has the post you would like to crosspost.
  • Now, select the Share button in the subreddit. You will find it in the bottom-right corner of the postcards
  • After that, in the Share menu, choose the option called Crosspost on Reddit. If you have an Android or iPhone mobile, this step will differ. 
  • Like the web browser, select the subreddit you want to cross from the Choose a Community section.
  • Then hit the Post option, and there you go. The entire procedure of Cross-Posting from Reddit mobile is successfully complete. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Cross-Posting Not Good?

To some, it may not be a feasible idea. It is like translating and posting a text through Google translate. The results may look weird and unintentional. 

Q2. Is My Reddit History Visible To Others?

No, others cannot see the Reddit history. Only they can see the subreddits in which you have commented or posted.  

Q3. Is It Possible To Track Me On Reddit?

Reddit deletes collected IP addresses after 100 days. However, they may gather the location information of years with GPS, Bluetooth, or location associated with the content. 

The Final Words 

Now that you know how to crosspost on Reddit, what are you waiting for? Just open the application or the browser and start growing your audience today. The steps are pretty straightforward, but you need to follow them diligently to get the method appropriately done. 

If you believe that this article has benefited you, you can hit the like button and share it with your friends and colleagues who will find it useful. Furthermore, if you have any opinions to share with us, please drop a comment below.  Finally, do not forget to support us and stay with us to get more interesting reads in the future on topics like this. 

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