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5 Tips To Get Rid Of Skin Problems From PCOS


Among many other symptoms of PCOS, acne is one of the most common symptoms women may experience. With PCOS, high levels of “male hormones” called androgens lead to excess sebum production. Excess oil can clog pores, and that’s why you may have acne.

Of course, it’s essential to target the root cause, hormonal imbalance, to get rid of acne. A natural PCOS supplement, along with healthy lifestyle changes, can help you with this problem.

Here Are Five Ideas To Get Rid Of Skin Problems From PCOS

In this article, we’ll share five effective tips to get rid of skin problems from PCOS and help you feel confident about yourself.

1: Consult a Dermatologist

You will find a plethora of products on the market that “promise” to eliminate acne and help you get clear, glowing skin. Rather than wasting your money on such products, make sure to consult your healthcare provider or dermatologist first.

They may run some tests and identify the root cause of your acne. They will recommend you a treatment plan accordingly. Of course, you will also need to wait for a few months before you start seeing actual results.

Generally, they may advise you on topical retinoids, topical antibiotics, hormonal therapies, and combined oral contraceptive pills.

2: Eat Healthily

Women with PCOS also deal with insulin resistance, which may also lead to acne. Make sure you incorporate a diet rich in fiber, such as berries, avocado, beans, broccoli, whole grains, oats, pasta, and lentils, and stay away from processed foods.

Furthermore, you should also lower inflammation in your body to reduce acne flare-ups. Some foods that fight inflammation are fatty fish, tomatoes, olive oil, green leafy veggies, almonds, walnuts, strawberries, and blueberries.

3: Consider Your Lifestyle

Obesity can trigger acne, and increased stress levels can worsen acne if you already have it. Therefore, you should sit down and carefully think about your lifestyle.

If you’re obese, you should lose weight by incorporating a healthy diet and exercising. On the other hand, you should also try to lower your stress levels by doing yoga, meditating, finding a new hobby, visiting a professional therapist, journaling, or working out.

Assess what works best for you and make changes to your lifestyle accordingly.

4: Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Skincare Routine

You may come across other women who share success stories with you about how they got rid of the same kind of hormonal acne you have.

They may even start recommending your products, and you may see a silver lining. However, you must not start copying someone else’s skincare routine.

Everybody’s skin type and concerns are different. Therefore, you should talk to your dermatologist, who will prescribe the right skincare routine for you.

5: Get Enough Sleep

When you’re asleep, your body works to repair skin cell damage and enhance its appearance. Poor sleep can lead to increased insulin resistance, which may worsen your PCOS symptoms.

Healthy sleep can maintain your immune system, mental health, and healthy blood sugar levels. Hence, you should get around 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Create an adequate sleep environment for a good night’s sleep and go to bed with a clear mind.

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