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The Cost Of Lab-Grown Diamonds- How Does It Compare To Natural Diamond

The Cost Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend based on the iconic, Marilyn Monroe song. Diamonds can be found in pieces of jewelry, especially in engagement rings. It symbolizes eternal love which is an important part of marriage. This precious stone represents love and devotion. What if you get a lab-grown diamond ring?

Don’t worry, lab-created diamonds are real. It has the same properties as what you can find in a natural diamond. Even if it’s not natural, nobody will notice that it’s lab-grown. Unless you have special lab equipment to test the stone. Their only differences are their ethicality and price.

When Did Lab-Grown Diamond First Exist

Lab diamonds were developed around 70 years ago. Although their production took some time before it became efficient. Once they were able to make quality lab-grown diamonds, they finally entered the market. People started to learn about them and instantly fell in love with lab diamonds.

Most people prefer to buy lab diamonds since it’s cheaper than natural diamonds. It’s also made ethically instead of disrupting nature. Although some people are still sceptical about them. They worry if lab diamonds will have value in the future. Romantics continue to patronize lab-grown diamonds since it still symbolizes devotion.

Difference Between Lab-Grown Diamonds Compared To Natural Diamonds

Difference Between Lab-Grown Diamonds Compared To Natural Diamonds

If you compare a lab-grown diamond to a natural diamond, you will not see any physical differences. They will both look radiant and beautiful. The same goes with the lab radiant cut diamond & Asscher cut diamond. Although there are some differences between them. That is the price and what lab they came from. Natural diamonds are pricier because it’s not easy to get a hold of them.

It will take millions or even billions of years before natural diamonds are formed. It needs to be put into intense heat and pressure. That will cause carbon to crystallize and become a precious stone. It’s the same process lab diamonds need to go through. Through CVD and HPHT, they will get intense heat and pressure and create diamonds in just a few weeks.

What Happened When Lab-Grown Diamonds Get Tested

Lab diamonds are not fake since they went through the same process to form. When tested, the result will be authentic since they are made with the same chemical makeup. Although with special lab equipment, it can be distinguished if it’s a natural or lab-grown diamond.

When producing lab diamonds, the cost will only be between 60%-80% less compared to natural diamonds. They take a very long time to form. Natural diamonds require a lot of work just to harvest them. That’s why it will end up more expensive than a lab-grown diamond. The lab radiant cut diamond & asscher cut diamond are more affordable but will be tested as real.

Can You Find Certified Lab Created Diamonds

Yes, you can find certified lab-created diamonds from jewelry shops such as Rare Carat. Different cuts are available from radiant cut diamonds to Asscher cut diamonds in this shop. You can choose from their wide collection of natural as well as lab diamonds. All the fine jewelry is in one place so you don’t have to go far.

When you buy a lab diamond, it also goes with a certificate. They have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds. Therefore, they are real and deserve diamond certifications well. However, lab-grown diamond prices have dropped over the years. But it doesn’t mean that it lost its resale value. It still has its future value but not as high as natural diamonds.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost Less

Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost Less

Due to the efficiency of the production of lab-grown diamonds, they cost less than natural diamonds. It takes less time and cost of production compared to mining. It takes billions of years for them to form. They also need extensive land mass for mining. It needs a lot of workers to mine natural diamonds before it hits the market.

Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, only need a laboratory and a small group of experts. It will only take them weeks to create a diamond. Although the technology requires a huge investment, it can produce lab diamonds forever. While the natural diamond mines can run out of them.


Lab diamonds are more affordable if compared to natural diamonds. They have the same chemical makeup which makes lab diamonds real. The only differences they have are the price and where they came from. Lab diamonds are better for the environment and are more affordable. Stop hesitating and get yourself grown diamond jewelry now.

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