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How Long Does Thermal Paste Last? – Read This Guide

how long does thermal paste last

Keeping your PC cool is the first step to enjoy continuous computer gaming. Game PC high configuration processors are generating more heat. When we are talking about how you should control the overheating of your PC. Most of the users are asking about how long does thermal paste last and does thermal paste expire. 

Your thermal compound is playing a crucial role to promote the uninterrupted gaming process. The care of the thermal properties is touchy. If you are not going to take care of the thermal paste compound. The thermal paste is no longer able to control the heating of your computer. And it is slowly starting to lose the cooling agent’s property.

Let’s see first what thermal paste is? And functions of the thermal paste.

What Is Thermal Paste?

Thermal PasteThermal paste is a conductive chemical compound. This works as the interface between heat sinks and heat sources. Thermal paste is eliminating the air gap from the interface area. And thermal paste effectively maximized the heat transfer and kept the computer system cool.

The main chemical compounds of thermal paste are Zinc oxide and silicon. And this mixture is going to work as perfect thermal conductivity. The life of the thermal paste depends upon how you are taking care of it. And most of the thermal paste has an expiry date. 

This means after a certain day, the thermal paste heat conductivity is becoming less effective. But the taking care process and the thermal paste heat conductivity is becoming less. 

Many of you are asking, does thermal compound expire? The correct answer is no, it does not have a written expiry date, but after three to two-four years, the heat conductivity is becoming less.

How Long Does Thermal Paste Last In The Tube?

Thermal Paste Last In The TubeHow long does thermal paste last in the tube, Or does thermal paste expire in the tube? The correct answer is that no thermal paste lasts three to four years. For the gammers, these thermal paste last less than three years. 

Because the gaming laptop and computers have powerful processors and configurations, and when you are handling the latest gaming processor, your system overheating chances are higher. 

So be prepared and change the thermal paste for better gaming experiences. And overheating can cause your PC to severely malfunction. Three years is the maximum. After three years, the heating compound functions are becoming less active.

How To Apply Thermal Paste?

Apply Thermal PasteNow you know “how long does thermal paste last” on PC. But every time when you are going to need a new thermal paste, it is not possible to visit the new computer configuration shop. If you have the knowledge about how to apply thermal paste. Then you can simply finish the task without taking other’s help.

Here is the step-by-step guide to apply the thermal paste.

Step 1: Choose the right paste. Most of the thermal paste is made with zinc oxide and silicon. If you are using a higher configuration PC, choose the paste with silver, copper, ceramic, or gold because these are the better conductors.

Step 2: Clean your CPU. And remove your heat sink surface from the CPU. And clean the surface with 90% alcohol.

Step 3: After preparing your cooler base to apply. A little amount of thermal paste on the base of the cooler effectively coated the area. You do not have to use any extra parts to spread the liquid throughout the surface.

Step 4: Take some time, and this paste is uniformly spread and coated the whole surface of the cooler.

Step 5: Then carefully add the heat sink with the processor. And do not remove the heatsink after you are installing it with the processor.

Step 6: To finish your work connect the CPU cooler with the motherboard. Your CPU fans plugs should be connected to the socket of the CPU fans.

This is the easy six-step process to apply the thermal paste. Now when you are seeking the answer to how long does thermal paste last? Do not get panicked after identifying the overheating of your system. Do the process on your own and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming time.

Does Thermal Paste Go Bad?

Thermal paste does not have any written expiry date. But If you do not store it correctly, you will lose the heat conductivity quality of the paste. As the thermal paste shelf life does not depend on the written expiry date. But if you do not store it in the correct procedure, it is going to be wasted.

Proper storage and maintenance prolonged your thermal paste life. The thermal paste comes in different types of containers. Too much heat and too much cold both are affecting the consistency of the thermal paste. Storing your thermal paste in the right way is the easiest solution.

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How To Store The Thermal Paste In The Correct Way?

How To Store The Thermal PasteAlways use a ziplock bag to store the paste. When you are going to use the thermal paste, first check the consistency. If you are going to see a clumpy and irregular pouring of the paste. Discard the past. 

If you are going to store your thermal paste in the right way, you do not have to ask how long does thermal paste last.

Keep your paste away from the direct sun rays and the heat. And do not store it in a cold place. A natural atmosphere without too much heat and cold is the best way to keep your thermal paste good and usable.

When you are searching for the best thermal paste, you will get plenty of options. Do check the ingredients first, then choose the correct one. If the thermal paste has gold, copper, and silver, the thermal paste cost will be different from the silicon-based thermal paste.

But finding the best options of thermal paste near me is the correct choice. Because when you are purchasing from the store. The spoiling chances are getting minimized during the traveling.

Wrapping It Up:

Now we think you are gaining the knowledge of how long does thermal paste last?. But when you are going to see the difference between the expensive and inexpensive thermal paste difference. You are going to understand how the thermal paste should be stored.

For every type of thermal paste, the storage procedure is denoting your thermal paste’s life. So what is your procedure? How are you storing the thermal paste? Do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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