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Philadelphia Declares 3rd December As “Rocky Day” On 47th Anniversary Of The Movie!

Philadelphia Declares 3rd December As Rocky Day

On the 47th anniversary of the popular movie, “Rocky,” Actor Sylvester Stallone visits the city of Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love celebrates the movie as they welcome Stallone in their town.

Closer to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a stage has been created on which Sylvester Stallone was felicitated with honor for the success of his film. The city authorities have also awarded a key to the city!

They officially declared 3rd December as “Rocky Day.” Philadelphia also organized a grand opening event for the Rocky Shop, where the brand Sylvester Stallone is selling licensed merchandise. The underdog movie, “Rocky,” released in 1976, introduced the character Rocky Balboa, portrayed to perfection by Stallone!

Through this movie, Stallone created his name in the industry, both boxing and Hollywood. The character belongs to South Philly, so the relationship with Philadephia has become integral for both the movie and Sylvester Stallone.

The movie’s plot is that the character Rocky Balboa fights against Apollo Creed for the heavyweight world championship title. He is another significantly talented boxer who is a legend in his own right!

In the movie, Rocky climbed the 72 steps of the Philadephia Museum of Art! Stallone states that climbing these steps has significantly altered the course of his life and influenced his future. He says that as an individual, you feel happy, hopeful, special, and proud of yourself when you climb the steps of the building! “Champion of their dreams” was what Stallone thought anyone could become if they could reach the top of the steps.

The popular actor used inspirational words for everyone, especially when you do not want to follow the herd! To become invincible, you have to be ready for a tough fight. It would be best to have a mentality of winning and losing some. Only then will you experience real victory.

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