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Checklist For Travel Nursing Contract

Travel Nursing Contract

A travel nursing contract includes all the requirements, rules, and obligations for you to abide by and follow during your job as a travel nurse. It also includes all the requirements as a travel nurse and the roles in the concern.

The contract establishes legal obligations between you and your recruiter. A travel nursing contract is important for tax documentation, employment benefits, and tax-free reimbursements. So you must know, read and understand the contract before signing.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you ask questions and clarify your concerns beforehand. There are a few checklists you should know and note when signing the contract.

»Contents Of The Contract

Contract Details

The contents of the contract define the number of items, key areas, terms, and conditions of the employment. All employment-related topics should be covered in the contract to avoid future misunderstandings.

It includes your working hours, pays details, rules, regulations, or any other vital information that needs to be provided. Hence, the contract carries all information required to protect the interests of both the employer and the employee.

In case of any misunderstanding, the contract is the only document that may save you from any employment issues arising during employment.

It includes,

  • The name of the hiring agency
  • The hospital details where one is posted
  • The travel nurse’s name and details
  • License details of the agency and the nurse
  • Pay scale details
  • The nurse’s social security number
  • All details of the travel nurse, living situations, and benefits
  • The start date
  • The end date
  • The unit and the shift
  • Any additional agreement made between the interviewer and the nurse
  • Signatures of all the parties involved, the representatives of the agency and hospital, and the travel nurse

»Evaluation Of The Pay Packages

 contract Packages

When planning the checklist for your contract, it is crucial to evaluate your nursing pay packages and compare them with other agencies. It includes any compensation or reimbursements that your agency will have to pay you. All fixed and variable costs, PA, HRA, or any allowance should be checked.

Compare pay packages offered to you by agencies as it is crucial when choosing to work for one of them. However, it is recommended to check the incentive offers before deciding on any agency.

»Housing Related Information

Housing Related Information

As a travel nurse, a person’s primary concern has to be the living part while traveling. Your travel nursing contract should have all the information regarding your housing facilities. Usually, agencies offer either housing facilities by themselves or a house rent allowance(HRA) as housing benefits.

It includes information about,

  • The nurse’s check-in and check-out dates
  • The type of housing provided by the agency like the one-bedroom apartment, guest houses, rental hotels, or any other form of housing facilities
  • The availability of furnishing facilities
  • If there are any cleaning services provided
  • Any other utilities that are included or any amenities you want that have to be provided
  • Parking situations

Before signing the nursing contract with any agency, one should always check and compare the checklist. It is better to ensure you are fully aware of the living conditions, pay scales, and every detail of your contract.

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