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Unemployment Benefits for the COVID-19 Affected in Michigan

Unemployment Benefits for the COVID-19 Affected in Michigan

After COVID-19 being affected in COVID-19 in Michigan. Governor Whitmer, on Monday, signed an agreement, under the act of Federal Cares Act. This agreement was between the U.S Department of Labor and Michigan. This agreement was especially for giving unemployment benefits to the COVID-19 affected ones. 

The U.S Department of Labor decided to implement Pandemic Unemployment Benefits and also conduct a compensation program. These benefits include self-employed, low wage workers, Independent contractors in 1099. These people already come with the baggage of unemployment in Michigan

This agreement also mentions that it will increase the weekly benefits of all unemployed workers. The weekly increase will be $600 and will be done up to the 4th month. This benefit can be extended from 26 weeks to 39 weeks. 

“The State of Michigan is dedicated to implementing measures to protect the health of all our residents and we understand financial health is critical as we meet this challenge together,”  – said the Governor. 

He also explained how the unemployment benefits would give the citizens a sense of security. This will secure the life of the families of Michigan who have been widely affected by the pandemic COVID 19 majorly. The Governor also cleared that it is trying to give the best financial relief assistance to its citizens. They are also arranging home for the unemployed so that in spite of being unemployed, they can stay at home safely.  

Under the act of CARES, the unemployed candidates who are already eligible for Michigan Unemployed Program will start getting their $600 a week for 4 months from now on. This category includes self-employed workers, low wage workers, and independent contractors. 

The Governor has also set some rules for the new candidates who want to file themselves under this category. 

Candidates whose last name begins with the alphabets A-L will be able to file on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. While last names with M-Z will be able to file on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Saturday will be open for the ones who could not file on the given slots. 

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