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Do Not Repeat Mistakes Like UK Government In Zoom Meeting

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The rapid increase of coronavirus pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Even it has changed our office gatherings. Now, no need to gather in a room for the meeting. Thanks to the zoom meeting app that provides a meeting from the comfort of your home.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom tweeted an image of a zoom meeting that highlights a number of mistakes of their first digital cabinet meeting.

Zoom Meeting Mistakes To Avoid:

You must learn from the mistakes so that you won’t make these mistakes in the future.

1. Don’t Tweet Your Meeting:

You must keep in mind that tweeting about your zoom meeting is a bad idea and can lead you in trouble even your meeting is password protected.

2. If You Have A Limited Connection Then Go For The Audio:

Sometimes, audio is better than video. Because it requires less internet connection. On the other hand, it is less distracting. Hence, it will result in a smoother meeting.

3. Be Wary Of Whiteout:

You should not be in front of a light source or next to the bright window because you can end up looking like a scary person. Therefore, you must be wary of whiteout during the zoom meeting.

4. Pay Attention To The Background Of Your Video:

Sitting in a cluttered room during a meeting can be very distracting for others. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the background of your video too.

5. Lift The Camera To Eye Height:

You need to lift the camera to the eye height while attending a zoom meeting at your home. It is obvious that no one wants to see only your head or nose in the meeting.

6. Make Sure Your Name is Showing:  

zoom meetings

Don’t set up an unrecognizable username on the zoom app. Set up your original name as a username so that everyone can recognize you in the meeting.

Therefore, these were the mistakes that the UK government did in the zoom meeting. Make sure you don’t repeat it in the future. Here is a simple guide to live streaming for your organization.

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