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3 Things You Should Do If You Suspect That Your Child Is A Victim Of Clergy Abuse

Victim Of Clergy Abuse

Clergy abuse is very real and cases are reported almost every single day in this country. And since clergy abuse usually involves children, cases tend to be a bit more difficult to prosecute.

What makes these cases even more difficult is that they often involve people we trust and literally put our faith in. Going after a clergy member also means that you’ll be going against a very powerful organization and someone who’s probably very respected by the community.

It’s still possible to get compensation and get the person imprisoned if you take the proper steps and prepare your case carefully. Below we take a look at what you should do if you suspect that your child was a victim of clergy abuse.

Top 3 Facts To Consider While Knowing That Your Child Is A Victim Of Clergy Abuse

1. Know the Signs

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Very rarely will a child just come out and say that a member of the clergy attacked them. But as a parent, you may have seen things that made you suspicious, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

If you notice that a clergy member demands to spend more time than usual with your child, for instance, then you should ask why. You should also look for any sudden changes in behavior in your child.

If your child is usually always happy and active and it now seems like they have lost all their energy, or you have noticed that their relationship with a certain clergy member has changed suddenly, then you should try asking the child and the clergy member questions so you can get to the bottom of the issue.

2. Seek Treatment

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If you have very strong reasons to believe something happened or your child told you outright that they were abused, then you have to seek treatment right away. You’ll need to see a doctor to see if there is any injury and look for signs and symptoms of abuse.

This will be very important not only for treatment but to prove your case as well. You will also need to seek help from a child psychotherapist. They are the ones who will be able to further prove the case and help the child recover from the abuse.

3. Consult a Clergy Abuse Attorney

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The next thing you’ll need to do is speak with a clergy abuse attorney. These people know exactly what clergy abuse looks like and will be able to tell you if you have a valid case on your hands. They will then put everything in place to start investing in your case and building it for you so you can get retribution.

A clergy abuse attorney firm like Romanucci and Blandin will be able to get background information on the clergy member in question and the organization behind them. They’ll also be able to start gathering witness information and strengthen your case. They will then decide what the proper course of action should be, and they can help get both the clergyperson imprisoned and financial compensation from the church in question.

Child clergy abuse cases are extremely difficult for parents and their children and can be prosecuted if you act properly and swiftly. So, do not take these reports lightly, and do whatever you can to get to the bottom of any suspicion you may have.



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