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Is 123movies Legit? – Watch Movies For Free | Top 6 Alternatives


There is almost no end to how many free movie and TV series streaming websites you can find in today’s time. 123movies is one of many such platforms that allow streaming movies and TV series completely for free.

You can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, and movies from different countries and languages. It is one of the most reputed places for watching movies for free. However, currently, the movie website is not active. So, are there any alternatives that you can try out? Thankfully, there are many websites that offer the same service.

If you are looking for 123movies alternatives, then you are in the right spot. This article is all about letting you know if it is legal to watch movies on 123movies or not. I have also listed the best alternatives to the same.

Is 123movies Legit?

Websites like 123movies do not have the right to stream any copyrighted content. However, since streaming copyrighted content for free is a violation of the Copyright Infringement act, websites like this are illegal.

The website has been announced as illegal in many countries. But accessing it in the safe zones also might pose different risks.

This is why, users ignorant of the restrictions should be concerned and know whether to use this platform for watching movies or not. It is always suggested to avoid websites that violate the act of copyright infringement. However, if you are still choosing to use this platform, then you should protect your device using capable VPN applications such as ExpressVPN. A VPN app will help you in many ways, including –

  • These apps encrypt your traffic.
  • The apps hide your IP address.
  • They keep your identity and information encrypted and secure.
  • These apps also help unlock geo-restricted content.

Once you use one of the best VPN apps, you will be able to stream live movies and TV series for free using 123movies. However, if you have doubts about using this platform, then you can check the different alternatives I have listed in this article.

5+ 123movies Alternatives:

Here are some of the best alternatives to the 123movies platform –

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is open to everyone – which makes out one of the best alternatives to the 123movies platform. They have a huge database of movies and TV series you can watch. This platform has some similarities with the platforms like Netflix. All you need to do is to name the movie you want to watch. They update their library with new updates almost every day.


You will have high-quality streaming features on this platform. The videos are usually HD and have a high resolution. Users claimed to face no jitters or interruptions during streaming their movie streaming experience. The website’s home page suggests the latest content ( both TV series and movies); also, ads will rarely disturb you.

2. Gomovies

If you are looking for a alternative that offers all the TV series you want to watch for free, then you have to try Gomovies. It is the most popular 123movies alternative for free TV series watchers. The website boasts a simple and user-friendly interface and search options. You will have no trouble navigating through the tons of content that this website packs for its users.


This website is very similar to 123movies app, and there are lots of HD movies available on its platform. Also, if you love to keep watching the latest released movies, you can check it out from the Box Office section. There are lots of filter options allowing you to navigate through different movies with filters like IMDB rating, release date, and box office performance. They are also an option for reading TV today, letting you watch the most watched TV series on a specific day.

3. Zmovies

There are many 123movies alternatives, and Zmovies is one of them. The special factor of the Zmovies platform is that you can watch as well as download the movies you want. They have a huge collection of old and new movies that you can stream from. The website has a very straightforward filtering option and simple-to-use navigation tools.


The platform streams in high quality, and there is a compromise in terms of the streaming quality and streaming experience. You can easily navigate through the platform and look for the movie that suits your needs. Another amazing feature of this website is that you don’t need to register or create an account to watch movies or TV series here.

4. Show Box

If you want access to unlimited content, and that, too, for free, then you have to use the Show box platform. Additionally, this is one of the best options you can look for in the movie platform. There are both mobile and desktop options for you to watch movies using the Show Box platform.

Show Box

Yes, this 123movies alternative is also completely free, and they don’t ask you to register or create an account to be able to use it. If you want to watch your movies offline, you will love the movie-downloading feature it offers.

5. 123Movies.Love

Another great alternative to the 123movies movie is You can use this website to watch different movies and TV series. The video streaming quality is good, and you will probably not face any lag or interruption during streaming.


Also, they have a vast selection of movies you can watch from. The search option is quite helpful if you want to search for any specific movies using their title.

6. Putlocker

Putlocker is a free streaming platform and has been around for years. If there is any perfect alternative to 123moveis.go, then it is Putlocker. You can watch movies and TV series of different genres like romance, action, comedy, family, drama, and more.


Yes, you will have to deal with a few pop-up ads; but they are nothing simple ad blockers cannot take care of. You will love to use the different category options when it comes to filtering movies.

Final Words

When using free movie streaming platforms like 123movies, you must be careful about the safety of your device and personal information. If you choose to use any such website and its different alternatives, you should do so while keeping a VPN app enabled in the background.

However, I hope that the alternatives I have listed in this article should be helpful. Please share if you have any queries and concerns related to the same. The comment box is always open.

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