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How To Choose A Memorable Domain Name For Your Website 

Choose A Memorable Domain Name

A domain name for a website is an integral part of doing business on the Internet. This is the first thing a user sees when they visit the site. Choosing the right domain name is one of the keys to the success of any business. This is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness and increase your site’s position in search results.

Why A Domain Name Matters So Much

So, the main markers of the success of a website domain name are:

  •         Simplicity – you need the maximum simplicity of perception of the name and its ease of remembering and hearing;
  •         First Impressions – when you tell people about your site, you will definitely need to specify its domain name;
  •         Brand – a unique and memorable name distinguishes you from competitors and will attract more visitors.

It is very important to choose an easy-to-understand word that best describes your business. It can also be a name, trademark, or brand name. Follow a few simple tips when choosing a domain name:

  1.   Brevity
  2.   Semantic load
  3.   Ease of perception, which will make it easy to remember the name.

A well-chosen domain name for the site is not everything – it should not be occupied by anyone. The World Wide Web is huge, and there are millions of sites on it, so domain names can be repeated. You should not immediately rush into the promoted and well-known zones since the chance to register a unique name there is rather small. If you want to promote your own brand in the IT field, then you should choose the zone. There are a lot of free domains here, unlike the same .com or .info.

10 Steps To Select A Memorable Domain Name For Users

In order to select a domain name that your users will remember forever, there are certain steps you need to follow. These are given below:

Select A Domain That Is Easily Typed.

One of the major steps to creating a successful domain name is to opt for an easily typed domain. Using slang (like using u in place of you) or words having multiple spellings will make it difficult for customers to locate your site.

Keep It Precise.

If you have a long as well as complicated domain name, your clients are most likely to type the wrong spelling. The key to go far is to keep it simple and short.

Optimize Relevant Keywords.

Optimizing keywords is not just a practice for your content, you can include them in your domain name as well. For instance, if you own a Donut business, you might want to register as or

Keep A Location Target.

This is for those who own a local business, you might want to consider something that includes your state or city for your domain name. This will make it easy for the local clients to locate as well as remember you. Take, for instance,

Avoid The Use Of Hyphens And Numbers!

Both hyphens and numbers are easily misunderstood. On hearing the website address, people are not sure whether you are using 5 as a numeral or you are spelling it as five. They either misplace it or forget to include the dash. In order to prevent confusion, it is best to avoid them.

Make It Memorable

There are tons of registered domain names, and you don’t want to be a part of the masses So, it is always better to opt for a domain that is memorable and catchy. Once you have a name on your mind, circulate it in your friend’s group and get their opinion on it.

Put Equal Effort Into Researching.

On selecting a domain name, look for one that’s not a copywriter or trademarked by other companies. It could eventually land you in a legal mess and end up costing a fortune with nothing by your side.

For instance, GoDaddy can access extensive data since it is the largest aftermarket domain name reseller. Try out their official website for determining your domain’s value and name your brand with a purpose in mind.

Select A Suitable Domain Name Extension.

Extensions are nothing, but the .net or .com suffixes found at the end of the web address. They might have specific uses to ensure that it works for your brands. By far, the most popular domain extension is .com. However, it gets a bit tough to find a domain that’s both short and memorable at the same time. Here is what each domain extension implies:

  • .info: implies informational sites
  • .net: all the technical and infrastructure websites on the Internet include .net.
  • .co: stands for commerce, community as well as company
  • .org: for organizations that are non-profit and non-commercial
  • .biz: commercial or business uses such as for eCommerce websites

Build Your Business And Keep It Secure.

In order to protect your business, you might want to consider buying a lot of domain extensions along with the misspelled domain versions of your website. This prevents your competitors from registering the other versions of your business, which ultimately ensures that your clients are getting redirected to your site.

Act Swiftly

Domain names are prone to get sold quickly. Fortunately, a lot of domain names are cheaper, which makes it important for you to register your desired domain name as quickly as possible. This is something that should not take much time. However, it demands much attention.

Why Choose The .It.Com Zone

By choosing the zone, you will be able to appreciate its indisputable advantages:

  •         many free names;
  •         favorable price of a domain name (the price of a regular domain is only $49);
  •         the ability to buy a premium domain;
  •         free SSL support;
  •         the ability to use the local language or emoji as a name (IDN function);
  •         suitable for any business;
  •         name convenience for SEO promotion.

More information can be found on the official website of the registrar:

The Bottom Line

You know every bit and piece of your website, so choosing a domain name should not be trouble for you. But if you are facing one, make sure to save our article for reference, as it has a lot of valuable information. Thank you for reading it this far.

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