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Tips To Transform Your Corporate Communication With Intranet

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization. Without communication, everything in your organization will go haywire and messy. Thus, maintaining smooth communication is paramount to keeping everything in sync and under control and maintaining transparency. One powerful tool that can revolutionize corporate communication is an intranet. It’s like the central command center where information flows, and collaboration takes place. Let’s see how the intranet helps you transform your corporate communication.

1. Centralised Information Hub

Your intranet serves as a central database for all your company information. It is an organized library of information where employees can access documents, policies, and procedures. Ensure that it is regularly updated to keep everyone in the loop. One thing you need to ensure is that before making any commitment, consider trying out free trial intranet software to check if the platform aligns with your needs.

2. Streamlined Document Sharing

Much like a neat and well-maintained file cabinet, your intranet simplifies document sharing. Make proper use of folders and categorization to arrange your docs so you don’t need to search everywhere in a panic if you need a file.

3. Interactive Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are like lively meetings where employees can engage in discussions, ask questions, as well as share insights. You need to encourage and foster active participation and collaboration to keep the knowledge flowing in your forums from every direction.

4. Real-Time Updates

Your intranet can provide real-time updates about your organization. Use it to convey a message, share an achievement, your successful brand stories, milestones, and more. Thus, updating your employees will help you make your team familiar with every up and down of your company and motivate them to give their best as well.

5. Employee Directory

An employee directory is like the directory at a large event, helping people find who they need to connect with. Ensure that your directory is always up-to-date and comprehensive. Having a detailed directory will make it easier for your team members to find and connect with the right person in a situation when they need some assistance.

6. Project Collaboration

Your intranet can serve as a virtual workspace where project teams collaborate. Use project management tools, discussion boards, and shared calendars to facilitate collaboration across your organization.

7. Personalised Dashboards

Dashboards are customized home screens showing employees the information that’s most relevant to them. Let your employees customize these dashboards according to their convenience to see and track data that actually matters to them. Moreover, dashboards will create a distraction-free space, helping improve your employee productivity.

8. More Accessibility

Mobile access is like having your intranet in your pocket. Ensure that your intranet is mobile-friendly so employees can stay connected even when they are on the go.

9. Polls And Surveys

Much like a suggestion box, use polls and surveys to gather feedback and insights from employees. Having honest feedback and opinions of your employees will uncover the bottlenecks you can fix to keep improving your communication.

Implementing The Tips

Now that we’ve covered the tips to transform your corporate communication with an intranet let’s discuss how to implement them effectively.

  • Define Your Communication Goals: Define your communication goals to clarify what you want to achieve with your intranet.
  • Engage Employees: Make sure your employees know how to use the intranet and understand its benefits.
  • Tailor Content: Avoid overwhelming your employees with irrelevant content and tailor your intranet tool to meet their needs.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your intranet fresh and current.
  • Training And Support: Ensure your employees understand how to navigate the intranet and have access to support when needed.
  • Security Measures: Incorporate robust security measures to keep your critical data your store in your intranet safe.
  • Keep Improving: Always pay attention to user feedback and complaints. Hence, working on them will put your brand on the way to improvement and growth.

Ending Notes

Efficient communication automatically removes friction from many of your processes. Using an intranet tool and following the above best practices will help you maintain smooth and streamlined communication so you can keep everything transparent.


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