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How To Style Women’s Cargo Pants For Any Occasion

Do not underestimate how well cargo pants can be appropriate to wear for

a range of different occasions. Their overall fantastic look plays a part, but how you style the pants can influence where you sport them. Knowing what pieces go best with the cargo pants you love can help you dress them up or down for diverse happenings.

Happy Hour

The happy hour venue can dictate whether you wear cargo pants or shorts for women. Go to a low-key bar, and either option is appropriate, but somewhere that is a little more upscale yet still has a casual vibe might only allow for the pants. Check the dress code first before getting ready so you are not second-guessing your decision on the way there.

Happy hour usually means drinking alcohol, and when it takes effect, you do not want to spend your time adjusting your clothing for comfort. Wear cargo pants and a top that you already know you will feel incredibly relaxed in, not something you have never worn before.

At a casual happy hour during your night out, many types of outfit options are a possibility, from pink cargo pants with a white blouse to olive green cargo pants with a black long-sleeve T-shirt. Going to a more upscale happy hour means choosing cargo pants that are less rugged and more chic, like wearing white slim-fit cargo pants with a black blouse, khaki cargo pants with a black bodysuit, or black cargo pants with a white statement top.

Holiday Party

As reported by Sanctuary, cargo pants can be a must for your holiday party. Choose the right options, add a little pizazz, and you are good to go. For instance, wear a gold or silver sequined bodysuit or one in red, white, or green sans the sequins. Black women’s cargo pants are the ideal accompaniment, considering they amp up the level of elegance while still delivering comfort.

Black strappy heels are a perfect footwear option. As far as jewelry, you cannot go wrong with gold. Depending on the style of the tops you wear, possibilities can include a statement necklace, bracelets, a watch, stud earrings, or rings.

Sightseeing On Vacation

According to Sanctuary, cargo pants are a superb item to wear on vacation, especially while you are sightseeing. While walking around checking out the sights, you could put little mementos in your pockets to bring back home with you, like menus from quaint cafes you visited. The pockets are also fantastic for holding items you might need instead of having to carry around a bag. In addition to basics like your money and phone, do not forget additional items like small snacks and bandages you might need along the way.

Choose a versatile pair of women’s cargo pants, like slim-fit ones in black, that you could wear for a variety of activities while you are on vacation. For instance, you could model them with a tank top and light sweater while visiting touristy sights and–depending on their style–out to dinner with a chic bodysuit.

Outdoor Gathering

Cargo pants are perfect for soldiers and landscapers, but they can also be a fantastic fashion option for guests to wear to an outdoor gathering. They are typically lightweight and comfortable enough to sport in a range of temperatures, and their pockets allow you to discreetly stow small items. An additional benefit is that, whether you are sitting in a chair, on a picnic blanket, on stairs, or another surface, the fabric of the pants is typically durable enough to resist rips and tearing.

Avoid wearing light-colored cargo pants, such as khaki and white, to an outdoor gathering as it is easier for them to get dirty. Opt for darker hues, like black, maroon, dark brown, or olive green, which tend to better conceal dirt and dust along with any dampness or moisture.

Choose a top appropriate for the occasion and weather. For example, if it is going to be hot out and you are attending a casual event, a crop top or tank top can suffice. A breezy, lightweight blouse or sleeveless button-up would be more appropriate for dressier occasions. Long sleeves are ideal for cooler temperatures, but bring outerwear, such as a leather jacket, just in case you get chilly.

Indoor Party/Dinner

Women’s cargo pants are also perfect for an indoor party or dinner. Many have a comfortable waistband, so no matter how much food you eat, the pants typically will not feel restrictive. Consider options like black satin women’s cargo pants with a puff sleeve blouse or straight-leg black cargo pants with a gold halter or short-sleeve mock neck turtleneck. Less formal events could allow for options like a crop top, corset top, or v-neck wrap bodysuit with denim cargo pants.

Choose a new pair of women’s cargo pants in a color you love that features the fit and style you desire, complements your body, makes you feel more confident, and is versatile for an ultimate style impact. These pants, whose founding dates back to the 1930s, are going to be the hottest part of your current wardrobe.

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