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How To Make The Most Of Your Trips To The Barber

Trips To The Barber

University is a time for self-expression. How you style your hair is a significant part of that ever-changing journey.

Visits to the barber can also be more liberating at your time of life. After all, extreme haircuts have caused children to be banned from the classroom in recent times. As you revel in your university year, you should rightly enjoy the opportunity to experiment with your hairstyles if that’s something you wish to do.

However, a man’s mindset can change slightly upon visiting the barber. Reality can set in along with a pinch of anxiety, and suddenly there can be an overwhelming urge to play it safe and ask for a trim. While it’s a valid request if that’s what you’ve set out to do, it may not help you make the most of your trips to the barber otherwise.

So, how can you take full advantage of these situations? Read on for our thoughts.

Time Your Visit

Unless you’re studying a very intensive degree course, you should have a few afternoon hours free. Even if your degree is a little more demanding attendance-wise, your campus is likely near enough a barber that you can quickly get your cut on a lunch break.

The important thing is to time your visit. If you’re stopping by the barbers in the late afternoon or evening, you’re likely to encounter people getting off work, parents with their kids, and anyone else who’s only free of their usual routine. That will mean long waits time for you, a noisy environment to be bothered by, and ultimately a less enjoyable experience.

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Use your hopefully flexible schedule as a student and head to the barbers around lunchtime or just before. That way, you can enjoy the quiet, talk more candidly with your barber, and potentially even feel less embarrassed about discussing certain men’s hairstyles.

Young man at barbershop trimming hair

Take Reference Photos

Some men think of themselves as islands. They may have trouble admitting they want to look a certain way or would rather deny they have been influenced by anything remotely out of the norm. If you have difficulty confessing the type of cut you’d really like to have, saving a few reference photos on your smartphone is a good idea. Make sure you cover different angles with the look.

That way, your barber can swipe through your selection and know exactly what you want. You may not even need to provide any instructions if everything they need is there, and asking for the cut can be a quick and painless process.

Supplying reference photos can also lead you on an exciting and inspirational journey too. After all, there’s a range of men’s hairstyles today. The right online resources can introduce you to curly hair fade haircuts, parting middle haircuts, or even those inspired by celebrities who have access to top-tier stylists. Ultimately, you might think you want one style but then see something you like better, so it’s always a good idea to gather your references.

Young handsome bearded man with long beard moustache

Ask for Home Tips

You can leave a barber after a fresh cut looking rather pristine. However, you may find that your hair may have lost its wow factor after a few days. Some of the men’s hairstyles you’ll be interested in may require at-home care.

To maintain it, you might need certain pickup shampoos, adopt certain grooming methods, or return for regular trims at the barber to keep things intact. Ask about any necessary at-home care tips. You could ask for permission to record the conversation or to make notes if you’re worried you’ll forget. Be attentive as they give advice, though, as it could make a crucial difference in maintaining the cut.

Most barbers should sell at least some of the products you might need to preserve the shape and volume of your hair, and they may do so at a discount too. Not all of them will go into salesperson mode to sell them, so you may need to make a request yourself.

Handsome man at barbershop shaving beard

Choose a Fun Barber

A trip to the barber can be a social experience. While they’re notoriously chatty, some professionals go the extra mile to ensure you have a good time, so check the reviews to ensure they’re your kind of people.

For example, one Nottinghamshire barber goes out of their way to offer customers a pint with their haircut in the day and the evening. Morning appointments have access to hot beverages instead. Not all barbers will provide this kind of service, but some of them will try to create a unique customer experience and personalize it however they can.

Treated properly, barbers can be your closest confidants for the duration of your haircut. You can spill secrets, complain about the annoying aspects of your university life, or just engage in some light-hearted banter. Barbers haven’t necessarily been through a corporate machine where their friendliness is largely scripted, so there’s a good opportunity to enjoy a genuine social connection here.

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