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North Korea Announces Expulsion Of US Soldier Travis King Who Crossed The Border

US Soldier Travis King Who Crossed The Border

Travis King, the U.S. army soldier, will be expelled by North Korea to China, from where the United States will take over his custody. Effective cooperation is observed between North Korea, China, and the United States. King is expected to return to the USA at the end of today!

Racial discrimination and inhumane treatment by the U.S. Army pushed Travis King to cross borders into North Korea! The State media KCNA stated that King experienced inhuman treatment and racial discrimination within the U.S. Army, leading to his actions.

In the interim findings, North Korea had reported earlier that Travis wanted refuge in North Korea or elsewhere because he was frustrated with his treatment within his army. He is 23 years old and unexpectedly crossed North Korea on a heavily fortified border!

The U.S. army soldier was on a civilian visit to South Korea, where he crossed over North Korea! The authorities in North Korea then apprehended him. After many internal discussions, the U.S. government decided not to classify King as a prisoner of war.

North Korea has addressed this case as an illegal immigration matter. The KCNA state news agency in North Korea told Pyongyang that Travis King had informed that he was disillusioned when he joined the army! He was informed about the inequality in U.S. society.

The United States did not have any diplomatic representation in North Korea, so the Swedish government was acting on behalf of the USA! The USA’s retrieval of King from North Korea has been efficiently done, while China also helped in this matter.

Overall, it was a good cooperative effort. Mathew Miller, a State Department spokesman, informed that the U.S. ambassador met King in Dandong, China. The U.S. Army soldier was flown from Dandong to Shenyang, China, then to South Korea, Osan Air Force Base.

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