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Perfect Personalized Gifts For Corporate & Networking Events

Personalized Gifts

Everyone, no matter their financial situation, their professional career, or their circumstances, loves a freebie.

When organizing a corporate ‘do’ or hosting a networking evening, one important component, therefore, is to look for the ideal, yet affordable, take-home reminder of a fabulous and productive professional event.

Here are some of the most perfect personalized gift ideas for corporate and networking events, to ensure your brand name is out there and your employees and clients alike are happy.

Top 4 Personalized Gifts For Corporate & Networking Events

1. Self-Care Hampers

Photo preparing self care package and seasonal gift box with zero waste cosmetics products

First off, as your employees’ emotional health and well-being are, of course, of top priority, then one fantastic personalized corporate gift would be something related to self-care, such as a pamper hamper.

You are then not only providing the guests to your corporate or networking event with branded and/or personalized products that they will use, but you will show your industry rivals and potential client partners what a caring, empathic, and conscientious business you are running is.

Items you could include in your corporate self-care pamper hamper are:

  • A healthy protein drink
  • A face mask
  • A little book of inspirational quotes
  • A hot water bottle or heated hand warmer
  • A luxury candle

Remember that not only can the self-care hamper be branded with the company and logo and individually personalized but so too can the individual items, especially candles and packaging on drinks and chocolates.

2. Special Laser Engraved Products

Free photo ouija board and tool high angle

If you are looking for something a little more celebratory and your budget is significantly higher, then a fantastic idea to honor a particular colleague, or indeed celebrate the donation of a sizable sum from a charity, would be to look into a beautiful and durable laser engraved brick.

What is more, if you are running said corporate event to raise money for a charity yourself, then such an investment would be a beautiful and sentimental way to proceed.

3. Branded Travel Mugs

Free photo yellow coffee mug on wooden table

Image Source: Star Quix

If your event will exceed the hundred attendee mark, then you are instead perhaps looking for something a little more cost-effective, then look no further than branded travel mugs.

Not only is this an incredibly practical corporate gift, which your attendees can use again and again, and a fantastic way of promoting your company, but also for more specialized events, you could personalize it with the name of either the business or even the person, on the front of the mug.

For companies that perhaps will not suit a travel mug, then other similar options include tote bags, lanyards, fridge magnets, or even backpacks.

4. Company Branded Alcohol

Two red wine glasses and glass of water on wooden table

If your business is, for example, a local and independent brewery, then you will have hopefully already thought about your product as the best gift for your corporate event.

However, it is certainly not just those businesses involved with the food and beverage industry that can choose branded and personalized alcohol bottles. Any company that wants to offer a luxury gift to the attendees of an event should seriously consider this option for their event.



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