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Ukraine’s President Zelensky Tries To Implore World Leaders On Concerns Against Russia’s Domination!  

Ukraine’s President Zelensky Tries To Implore World Leaders On Concerns Against Russia’s Domination!

On Tuesday, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, appealed to the U.N. General Assembly about more support on the global scale against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In his speech addressing the assembly, he stated that the invasion was a matter of international security!

The appeal for more aid and allies is not just limited to survival but, on a global scale, the domination of Russia! He hints with his speech that the problem is not just Ukraine’s, considering Russia can invade any other nation if no strict actions are taken against them!

In the gathering of world leaders, the speech of President Volodymyr Zelensky was anticipated! The Ukrainian leader painted an aggressive picture of Russia, highlighting the increased control Russia now commands against Belarus!

Further, Russia has implemented military interventions across Syria, Georgia, and Moldova. Russia has threatened the Baltic States. Thus, Zelensky informed everyone on the global platform about how more nations should come forward and oppose Russia’s practice of domination and aggression.

The Ukrainian president also stated that, according to him, the current war Russia has waged against Ukraine is a strategy to turn Ukraine into a weapon that will be used to integrate fear among other nations worldwide.

The resources, the lives, the people, and the land of Ukraine are seen as a weapon by Russia, who have made it very clear that they have no intentions of backing off! The war between the two countries has been ongoing for 19 months, and there has been no hint of an end.

World leaders and nations have yet to learn how to deal with it. Hence, they decided to focus on the sustainable development of poor countries and global warming. Ukraine was supposed to be less integrated in the discussion, but the Ukrainian president addressed the assembly by physically traveling to New York.

He also stated that many nations must be losing patience or interest in the war; hence, they are not so concerned about the war that is waged against Ukraine as the days pass! Zelensky addressing the assembly in person was largely to show how this is one of the largest crises in Europe since World War II, and people need to get up and notice!

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