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Is Waxing Painful? What To Expect for Your First Waxing


Are you tired of shaving every other day? If hair removal creams or shaving are your primary tools for removing hair, you may be struggling to keep your skin smooth and supple. As a result, you might have considered waxing instead.

But is waxing painful? Well, we’ll answer that question for you below. Just keep reading.

Is Waxing Painful?

Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance is different. For some, waxing may be a breeze. For others, it might be more difficult. However, it doesn’t feel that bad overall.

More than likely, you’ll feel a sting, rather than pain. For your first wax, you may experience a little bit of tenderness since your body isn’t used to it. However, every time you go to get wax, the less painful it’ll be.

What to Expect from Waxing

What to Expect from Waxing

When you go to get a wax, it doesn’t take that long. However, the amount of time that it takes depends on how much hair needs to be removed and how wide of an area the technician is working on. On average, waxing takes 15 minutes to an hour.

Below is the standard process:

a. Cleansing

Before the session begins, the waxing specialist will make sure that you’re lying in a comfortable position. After that, the cleansing process begins. The technician will remove soap residue, lotion, sebum, and other impurities on the skin.

b. Protection

The next step is to create a protective shield on the skin. By doing so, it ensures that the wax only sticks to the hair, and not the skin. Doing this step helps to reduce pain as well.

c. Waxing

The last step is to wax off the hair. Every establishment uses something different. In most cases, the wax is warmed up.

Next, the technician allows the wax to cool off, then the wax is applied to the skin using a wooden stick. Lastly, the wax is ripped off in an upward motion.


After your waxing is done, most facilities apply oil to the skin to moisturize it. This helps to reduce the sting and rejuvenate the skin. They may even massage that area for you as well.

How Long Does Waxing Last?

How Long Does Waxing Last?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard answer to this question. Everyone’s hair grows back at different rates, so the results are based on it the individual. But on average, waxing results last for about three weeks.

How to Prepare for a Wax

Whether you’re doing bikini waxing or waxing on another part of your body, it’s a good idea to prepare first. Here is what you should do:

1. Check Your Body

Before you go in for your wax appointment, check your skin. If you have a cut or inflammation on the skin, it needs to heal before you go in for hair removal. If not, it could cause pain around the affected area, and potentially lead to an infection.

Also, if you have beauty marks or moles on your body, show them to the technician first. That way, the specialist can cover them before the waxing process begins.

2. Don’t Let Your Hair Grow Too Long

Obviously, you’re going to get a wax because your hair has grown out. But although it’s okay to be a little scruffy, don’t let your hair grow out too long. When it’s too long, it prevents the wax from being able to stick to it. Plus, it’s more painful.

On the other hand, when the hair on your legs is too short, the wax is unable to pick it up to remove it. So, there needs to be a decent amount of hair on you before you go for a wax.

On average, you should go for an appointment once you have two to three weeks of growth on your body, and about an inch to a quarter-inch of hair. That length is ideal for the underarms, legs, and bikini area.

3. Exfoliate

It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin a couple of days before your appointment. However, avoid using harsh scrubs the day of your wax. Exfoliation helps the wax to adhere to the hair and avoid tearing the skin.

Just keep in mind that exfoliating with a rough exfoliant also makes the skin more sensitive to pain. Use a light exfoliant… not a sugar scrub.

4. Balance the Moisture

4. Balance the Moisture

You should moisturize your skin on the days leading up to your appointment. Keeping your skin moisturized, allows the wax to release easier.

However, too much moisture could create a barrier around the hair, making it hard for the wax to grip. It’s good to moisturize a few days before, but avoid putting on lotion the day of your waxing session.

5. Clean the Bikini Area

Before your wax appointment, it’s imperative that you clean your bikini area. Waxing can lead to potential infections, so you want the area as clean as possible. The bikini area is more prone to bacterial growth due to its warm, damp nature.

So be sure to clean extensively beforehand.

Waxing Made Easy

As you can see, waxing is an incredible way to get rid of hair. It lasts longer than shaving, and it doesn’t burn your skin like hair removal creams. If you’re worried about the pain of waxing, don’t be. The more you get it done, the more you’ll build a tolerance to it.

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