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Dealavo Will Find The Best Price For Your Product

Dealavo will find the best price for your product

Dealavo is an advanced e-commerce tool for monitoring online product prices, which serves both manufacturers and online stores. The platform uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms such as machine learning to automatically match product offers and provide precise price data from various sources, including directly monitored online stores in Poland and abroad, as well as platforms such as Ceneo, Allegro, and Amazon.

Dealavo allows users to quickly research the prices of competitors and resellers, receive dynamic notifications about price changes, analyze current and historical price data, as well as monitor products concerning the entire market or specific recipients. With intelligent price change suggestions, companies can make informed decisions that help increase the profitability of their products.

Customers receive information in the form of ready-made or personalized Excel reports and via an intuitive web application. Dealavo cooperates with renowned brands such as Samsung, Epson, and Decathlon, providing them with valuable information that supports their pricing strategies in the e-commerce market.

The company is part of the CodiLime group, specializing in IT and employing over 170 IT specialists, with offices in Warsaw and Menlo Park, California.

Dealavo - a program for monitoring prices of any platforms

We ask Jakub Kot – CEO of Dealavo – about the advantages that Dealavo has over other companies: “Dealavo is a tool for very broad price monitoring. We can monitor prices in many countries, on various platforms, including individual online stores indicated by our customers.” Kot adds that it is extremely important to implement modern solutions, which is a significant competitive advantage: “uses many work methods based on artificial intelligence calculations, including product marching or searching for similar products.

The CEO emphasizes that what constitutes the greatest value for customers is the Dynamic Pricing option, i.e. automatic price management in the store or on another sales platform based on previously configured pricing rules. “Depending on the implementation method, our clients can freely use the repricing option or our direct integrations, which we are constantly expanding for our clients,” admits Jakub Kot.

We ask Jakub Kot

The Dynamic Pricing function available in Dealavo allows you to use automatic price repricing to adapt to the market situation, source: 

When we ask about the future of the company, Jakub Kot answers without hesitation: “(…) we will expand our offer to include new markets and platforms. We also monitor the behavior of our customers in the application and try to adapt it to the needs of our customers. We also want to suggest prices that guarantee higher profits at a given moment, adapting to the market situation as quickly as possible.

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