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Ex-Intelligence Officer Reveals US Government Has Possession Of UFOs And Alien Bodies  

US Government Has Possession Of UFOs And Alien Bodies

In a remarkable hearing by Congress, an American ex-intelligence official, David Grusch, reveals the US government had organized a “multi-decade” program. This program was set up to collect and reverse-engineer UFOs(unidentified flying objects) that crashed on Earth.

Until 2023, Grusch was in charge of investigating unexplainable phenomena in the US Department Of Defence agency. He spoke in front of the House oversight committee, which took place in Washington. He shed light on issues relating to UFOs, technology, and alien life there. This hearing has attracted international interest.

The hearing has ignited discussions globally about possible cover-ups made by governments regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life and UFOs. Grusch, under oath, disclosed he had known about this long-standing UAP program during his time in the US Department of Defence. But he was denied access to this program.

His whistleblower accusation about the US government’s program comes from his inability to access the secret UFO programs. At the same time, he was responsible for investigating strange phenomena occurring in the military and defense. He was still denied access to the military and defense agencies’ knowledge of alien craft and alien life.

For these claims, Grusch has faced severe retaliation, which has negatively impacted his professional and personal life. Under questioning, he admitted to knowing individuals who were harmed in efforts to conceal UFO-related information by the government.

He also admitted to fear for his life in matters involving the reveal of this program to the world. This hearing in Congress regarding the concealment of UFOs and alien life by the US government has garnered mixed responses.

Some are skeptical about the information, others are outright shocked, while some agree with Grusch’s accusation. Tim Burchett, a Republican Congressman co-leading the UFO investigation, accused the US government agencies of inadequate cooperation.

The hardest part of this investigation is collecting testimony from parties relevant to the matter and obtaining information. The investigation claims that federal officials’ obstructions are leading this investigation nowhere, and frustration is mounting.

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