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The Headquarters Of Biden’s 2024 Reelection Campaign Will Be In Delaware

Biden’s 2024 Reelection Campaign

President Joe Biden has always been big on family values. He proves it again by announcing his headquarters for the re-election campaign for the presidency of 2024 in Wilmington, Delaware!

He has traveled from Washington to Wilmington often as a senator and during his vice-presidency days. He earned the nickname “Amtrak Joe” as he frequented the Amtrak train to travel to his home in Wilmington on weekends.

In the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden’s choice for headquarters was Philadelphia; however, due to the pandemic, he managed the helm for most of the campaign from Wilmington! A lot happened during the pandemic, which impacted Biden’s campaign, yet he supervised it effectively.

The Biden-Harris campaign 2024 has been focused on the nation’s overall welfare, therefore, on raising funds. The Democratic National Committee and the joint fundraising committees of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have raked in $72 million in the second quarter of the campaign.

Compared to them, Donald Trump, the former president, could only raise $35 million simultaneously. President Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez says that Biden’s campaign and the party’s interests have come under one umbrella.

The 2024 presidential campaign has been considerably smaller, with only three new additions to the 7 staffers. Establishing Willington as HQ for the campaign might also be because the American president feels nostalgic and lucky concerning his past win.

The campaign is already established as an operation while the resources, infrastructure, and networking are being integrated within the operations. The first political rally in the 2024 re-election campaign by Biden will be launched this week in Philadelphia and will be attended by the president.

Biden says that his eternal optimism and his unwavering belief in the system come from his home, his Delaware. He loves spending time with his family as he considers the American middle class’s values to be the nation’s backbone.

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