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5 Photo Opportunities You Cannot Miss In La Jolla

La Jolla, San Diego, California is one of America’s most photogenic cities. If you’re asking where in La Jolla should I take photos- you might instead want to ask, where not to take photos.

5 Photo Opportunities You Cannot Miss In La Jolla

Every corner of this city has natural and urban beauty. We’ve narrowed down a guide of can’t miss photo opportunities in La Jolla. Keep reading below to learn more about these beautiful photo destinations in La Jolla.

1. Torrey Pines

You’ve probably come across images of Torry Pines in your lifetime. It is one of the most treasured photo opportunities in California due to its coastline views.

Torrey Pines is actually a golf course that sits high on scenic mountain cliffs. The cliffs overlook a beautiful stretch of the blue pacific, white sands, and greenery. Photographers and celebrities alike flock to Torrey Pines.

There you can often find candid proposals or catch Barack Obama playing a round of golf.

2. Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad is a popular landmark in La Jolla. Mount Soledad is home to Mt. Soledad’s Veteran Memorial. The memorial sits atop an 822-foot hill.

From Mt. Soledad, you can access 360-degree panoramic views of the entire city of San Diego. If the sky is clear enough, you catch a glimpse of Mexican mountains in the distance.

It’s a beautiful photo opportunity at sunrise or sunset. Many often come here at night too and capture a beautiful photo in the city’s night lights.

3. La Jolla Homes

Try something new and explore the beautiful residential complexes of La Jolla. The architecture in La Jolla is especially photogenic.

There is a diverse mix of waterfront mansions, some home to celebrities, that are worth exploring. Check out this page for more on luxury homes in La Jolla.

4. Wildlife Photography

There is no shortage of wildlife in La Jolla, making some excellent photo opportunities. Home to the famous San Diego Zoo, you can find giraffes, gorillas, monkeys, and more at the zoo.

Outside of the zoo, you’ll find plenty of wildlife inhabiting La Jolla’s land and waters. You can find mule deer, rabbits, and beware-coyotes, raccoons, and foxes- on a hike.

In the waters, La Jolla is famously home to orca whales, sea turtles, and grunions.

5. Children’s Pool

There is a famous seawall at Children’s Pool Beach. The wall was built in 1931 to create a safe swimming space for, you guessed it, children. Unexpectedly, this seawall has turned into an excellent photo opportunity.

If the tide is high, waves will crash into the seawall, creating a dramatic background. Children’s Pool Beach is also a popular space for sea lions. Catch some of them sunbathing or swimming around in your background.

Bucket List Photo Opportunities In La Jolla

We’ve made sure to include a mix of manmade and natural beauty photo opportunities in La Jolla, both on land and at sea. La Jolla is a beautiful place to take pictures and make memories.

Whether you’re a resident or traveler make these stops along the way for some incredible photos! Keep reading on our site for more guides.

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