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Microsoft Suspects China Of Using AI To Influence US Voters On Social Media

According to a report by Microsoft researchers, fake social media accounts of Chinese-controlled networks are using artificial intelligence to influence US voters. People at Microsoft suspect the social media account is a part of a Chinese information operation.

After the report was made public, the Chinese Embassy located in Washington released a statement informing that the allegations are “full of prejudice and malicious speculation”! There have been reasons why Microsoft is suspecting China of wrongdoings!

The campaigns run by these accounts are similar to those run by an elite group established within the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. These similar activities raise flags of concern, especially when the Department of Justice has also attributed these activities to the Chinese ministry.

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has highlighted the elite group, the 912 Special Working Group, which operates a social media troll farm. In the process, several fake online personas are created, and their agenda is to push CCP propaganda. It indirectly targets pro-democracy activists.

The Embassy of China in the US informed that China advocates the safe use of AI by all and claims that they are not using AI to create fake social media accounts. Social media platforms were not specified. However, screenshots have been provided highlighting these fake accounts.

In the screenshots, X, previously known as Twitter and Facebook, are the social media platforms used to influence US voters. The posts created by these accounts are better than other accounts!

It has been suspected since March 2023 that Chinese IO assets have been leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) on Western social media to create visual content. The visual content is of higher quality and guarantees authentic social media users higher engagement.

It has led to other social media users reposting these visuals. It clearly symbolizes these posts and visuals’ influence on US voters.

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