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Islam Makhachev Set For Title Rematch Against Charles Oliveira; Hasbulla And Khabib Supports!

Islam Makhachev Set For Title Rematch Against Charles Oliveira

In an exciting turn of events, UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev is gearing up for a highly anticipated rematch with former UFC champion Charles Oliveira. The two fighters are set to square off in an epic showdown for the title, and the MMA world is buzzing with anticipation.

This rematch holds a special significance as Islam Makhachev clinched his first title after a stunning victory over Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 on October 22, 2022. The victory came in the second round, with Makhachev securing a win via an arm-triangle choke, effectively ending Oliveira’s undefeated streak of 11 victories.

Post his title win, Makhachev faced off against Alexander Volkanovski in Australia, marking another remarkable victory in his career. However, the bout against Volkanovski was undeniably a grueling challenge for the lightweight champion.

In recent news, the MMA community was thrilled to learn that Khabib Nurmagomedov, a legend in the sport, is returning to coach Islam Makhachev for his upcoming bout against Oliveira. Khabib had previously mentored Makhachev after the passing of Khabib’s father, who was also a coach to Islam.

This mentorship proved to be instrumental in Makhachev’s championship journey, and they affectionately dubbed it their “father’s plan.” It has now been confirmed that Khabib is reuniting with Makhachev to provide guidance during the two weeks leading up to the fight and will be in Makhachev’s corner to offer his support.

Adding to the intrigue of UFC 294 is the presence of another Russian sensation, Hasbulla, who recently announced his attendance. Hasbulla, often referred to as “Mini Khabib,” is an adult with a growth hormonal condition that makes him appear and sound like a child. He gained notoriety through videos where he playfully engaged in pretend fights with children.

Hasbulla shares a close relationship with Khabib and his team and recently signed a one-year contract with UFC for promotional activities. It is expected that Hasbulla will be on Islam Makhachev’s side in the octagon at UFC 294, showing his support for his champion friend.

Charles Oliveira, on the other hand, made a remarkable comeback on his own journey to the title rematch. He secured his path to the championship match by knocking out Beneil Dariush in the first round, surprising the MMA world. Oliveira acknowledged that he wasn’t at his best during their previous encounter, and he is now fully prepared for what promises to be an intense battle with Islam Makhachev.

As the date for the highly-anticipated rematch draws nearer, the MMA community is brimming with excitement, with the added presence of Khabib and Hasbulla making this event even more of a spectacle. Fans can expect nothing short of an adrenaline-pumping showdown when these two skilled fighters step into the octagon at UFC 294.

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