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5 Mistakes To Avoid In Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Students, throughout their college and universities career, write academic assignments. They are part and parcel of the Academic calendar. This form of writing differentiates itself from general writing. Some grasp the tone, styles, and conventions of academic writing. They come out with flying colors.

On the other hand, some other students develop fear because they have a poor start with dissertations or thesis papers. The fear in their heart leads to procrastination, and ultimately they produce an average impression.

-Do you find yourself in the same group?

In that case, you must identify the major mistakes you make in academic writing. There are common and generic mistakes that students commit in academic writing. So we discuss some of them here so that you can avoid them. It can help you become a better writer and achieve higher grades.

Mistakes To Avoid In Academic Writing

Mistakes To Avoid In Academic Writing

Academic writing follows a completely different tone and trajectory compared to generic writing. As a student, you can not put it lightly. Academic writing is indeed an apple of discord for many students. Errors, small or big, give birth to a negative impression.

We have selected five of the most common academic writing mistakes you must avoid!

1. Vague Thesis Statement And Lack Of Evidence

The thesis statement opens up the argument in an essay or research paper. It generally comes at the fad end of the introduction section. Please remember that academic assignments are all about justifying facts; therefore, you have to write according to the path you select. At the end of the essay, you close the statement. But few do it correctly.

Let’s try to understand it with an example.

Brexit brought adverse effects on the UK economy. To justify this statement, you must give facts and figures on imports and exports within and without the EU. Now you can take figures sector by sector to understand the picture of Brexit. It is only possible if your Thesis statement is perfect.

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2. Writing Too Many Confusing Statements

Knowledgeable writing is not vague writing. Students must understand it. In the quest for knowledge and erudition, they make terrible mistakes in their flow of writing. Consequently, it becomes extremely complex.

According to the strict norms of academic writing, you must put difficult aspects and see something critically but with a simple expression. The content is important and different from the standard of English. Simple and clear delivery will be more than enough for you. So write as simply as to put forth your argument with force.

You must strike a balance between contradictory statements and generalized statements. Look that they are present in a healthy proportion. It creates a healthy balance of academic writing. This is a mistake that students need to correct in academic writing. So you need to work effectively on it.

3. Informality In Tone

The informality of tone is forbidden in academic writing. While writing thesis papers, you need to be aware of the essay’s tone. Yes, it is integral to the overall development of the writing. Academic writing is highly structured. It is no light affair. Formality governs academic writing.

Now if you go for some creative pursuits like a poetic tone, use of literature lines and quotes, and using figures of speech in academic assignments, it goes completely antithetical to the standards.

Even if your tone is satirical or comical, it will not be entertained. Academic writing is dry writing comprising facts and figures and the dark reality of it. The informality of tone is a mistake in academic writing.

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4. Biased Language Is Sin

Biasedness is indeed a sin in academic writing. If you are already preoccupied with something, you can never have a good impression of your assignments. Academic writing is putting raw facts and data.

It’s more about the observation of things and not necessarily bringing in a solution. It is a meditation on a subject. Here you delve deep into the matter with facts and data. We provide you with an example of how to write and give unbiased views on a subject.

For instance, let the subject be: Diversity and Inclusion help increase productivity. At one end, you write down the advantage that organizations get with a diverse workforce. At the same time, you also look at how collaboration between diverse workforce disrupts communication.

Diversity is the unification point of diverse views and approaches to work. So you successfully keep the information balanced.

5. Lack Of Editing

Lack of editing is the most common mistake students make in their assignments. When they finish the assignment, they consider it the end of their work and submit the final paper full of mistakes.

The common mistakes that writers make in their assignments are:

  • Lack of edits.
  • Spelling and grammar errors.
  • Syntactical errors.
  • Typo errors.
  • General formatting errors.
  • Need to follow the university guidelines on formatting.

These mistakes are not welcomed in the academic cycle. Therefore you have to understand the need for it, and it can help you write down assignments with confidence. So be thoroughly focussed on editing.

The best thing you have under your control is a number of drafts. They refine your work and take it towards perfection.

According to a projection, around 14.66 students enrolled in Universities in the USA. The figures are all set to rise to 15.1 million by 2030. Therefore competition will only increase with time.

Putting The Discussion To A Close

Academic writing has its own format, structures, and norms, and fewer opportunities for errors exist. Therefore all you need is to focus on the requirements. It can help you do well in your career.

Millions of students have issues with this form of writing, and it can be hoped that the essay helps students who tend to commit these errors. So be mindful of them and work accordingly, and you can confidently tackle assignments.

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