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Signs Of High-Quality And Low-Quality Garage Doors. How To Choose A Contractor?

Signs Of High-Quality And Low-Quality Garage Doors. How To Choose A Contractor?

Garage Doors

Companies that offer installation or replacement of garage doors do not always produce them themselves. Sometimes these are intermediaries who purchase ready-made solutions, for example, roller shutter systems of well-known world brands. To replace or repair a garage door, it is important to ask contractors the right questions.

What To Ask A Contractor?

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How to determine in advance the quality of the fence offered by the garage door repair services like This is not easy to do, but you can ask a few questions that will make it clear how convenient and durable automatic gates or manually operated structures will be.

Let’s start with the general signs of quality products:

  • Metal structures must be guaranteed for at least 3 years. The estimated lifetime is usually much longer, but if the materials are of poor quality or the assembly is done carelessly, problems will appear in the first years. The contractor must show the willingness to accept responsibility for the goods being sold.
  • Gate automation. The model and power will depend on the type, and weight of the sash, but it must be an original device from a well-known manufacturer. It is also necessary to clarify whether the proposed drive is maintainable and whether it is easy to buy spare parts.
  • Only a high-quality coating can protect the metal from corrosion for many years, so this item cannot be neglected. Good garage doors are treated with compounds that are as resistant to atmospheric phenomena and mechanical damage as possible.

What To Ask About Swing Doors?

Swing doors are popular due to their simplicity of design, favorable cost, and versatility (they can be installed at the entrance to the site or in the garage).

Let’s analyze the main questions that you should ask when ordering a design:

  • What material can the doors be lined with? Swing models are the most diverse in terms of finishes. Steel siding, sandwich panels, and sheet metal can be used.
  • What loops are used in the design? In swing gates, all the weight rests on the hinges, so this element must be as reliable as possible. Otherwise, the sash will quickly begin to sag. For the production of swing models, overhead loops with a diameter of 30 mm are used.

What To Ask About Sliding Gates?

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a great choice. Compactness remains the main advantage: only the sash moves along the fence without occupying the usable area.

When ordering such a design, it is worth clarifying a few points:

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  • How much space will be required along the fence? The sash is 30-50% larger than the opening, so a lot of free space is required for the installation of a sliding fence.
  • Is there a bottom rail? An additional guide is usually mounted in industrial models. For domestic use, it remains rather an inconvenience since it requires regular cleaning, and it can be damaged by the wheels of vehicles.
  • What type of bearings are used? Closed models remain the preferred option, reliably protected from the ingress of dirt and water.

What to Ask About Sectional Doors?

Since the canvas moves under the ceiling, the design does not clutter up the usable space inside or outside the garage.

If you are going to install such garage doors, check a few points:

  • What is the type of contour? Models with a closed metal contour remain the most durable – they provide sufficient rigidity to resist burglary and wind load.
  • How well is the insulation of all joints done? To maintain a stable temperature in the garage, the joints of the panels and the junction of the canvas to the walls and floor must be sealed. It is desirable that the joint insulation is made of wear-resistant rubber or other durable material, and not foam, for example.
  • Is there break protection? Although sectional doors are not too heavy, falling can cause injury, so quality models have built-in torsion springs. They do not allow the barrier to collapse even in the event of a breakdown.
  • Is there pinch protection? The side boxes of the structure must have a closed structure. In this case, the user’s fingers will not be pinched in case of inattention.
  • Does automation assume the presence of photocells? Such a security system blocks the lowering sash if there is someone in the opening. This can save the life of a child or pet.

Replacing or repairing garage doors is a responsible task because the fence is designed for many years of operation. Each version of the metal structure has its characteristics, so you should know what parameters to check with the contractor.

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