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How To Get Snapchat Dark Mode? – Step By Step Guide

snapchat dark mode

Snapchat is most popular among teenagers, mainly because of the different tools that help them with their creativity. Considering the pictures and videos are temporary, you might question why to use them. Well, it does have some benefits.

Sometimes, some pictures are embarrassing, and when you see them on Facebook from a long time back, you wish you could delete them. This issue is not there in Snapchat. So are you curious about the Snapchat dark mode? Read more.

You can fool around with goofy pictures and videos posted on Snapchat, and they will be gone once viewed. That justifies the purpose. There are also features that users can use to draw illustrations and drawings on the pictures.

At times, you want to save something because you like it. Creativity is sometimes outstanding, and Snapchat allows you to keep your favorite pictures and videos.

How To Get Snapchat Dark Mode? – Step By Step Guide!  

How To Get Snapchat Dark Mode: Step By Step Guide

Snapchat is a social messaging and networking application that is free for smartphone users. The application is quite efficient for you if you are looking for an app for sending and receiving text messages.

With the help of this app, you can also send and receive pictures and short videos to your friends and family in the Snapchat contact list. To subscribe to the premium features, you must pay $3.98 monthly.

So now the question is, there are other messaging applications in the market, such as WhatsApp, Messenger by Facebook, and others. What is so unique about Snapchat? The messages are temporary and disappear once the receiver opens the attachment.

What Is Snapchat?  

What Is Snapchat? 

Snapchat is a social media platform which was launched in 2011? It has become popular and is considered one of the top social media platforms globally. According to the statistics, in 2021, there will be 293 million users who are active regularly on Snapchat.

Based on the observation, the growth of the online visual social media platform has increased by 23% every year. The social media platform has exciting features such as stories, sharing live videos, recording, locating friends based on geographical location, and experiencing augmented reality.

The platform primarily caters to the Gen-z and Millennial cohorts according to the demographics. With the passing days, new features are regularly occurring in infographics and dark mode, making it a unique tool for regular and business users.

What Are The Features?  

What Are The Features?  

There are different features present available on Snapchat that engage the audience. One of the new ones is snapchat dark mode which is discussed in the article. It also increases brand awareness when used for marketing and promotions. These are some features that are regularly used, such as follows:

Stories: Users can share stories with all their friends on Snapchat. The accounts are deleted once 24 hours are over. If you want to save the story, download them to your phone’s camera roll or keep them to the memories option on Snapchat.

Custom Stories: The stories that allow the user to create with other people in their friend list are called custom stories.

Snap: 60 seconds video recording is a snap on Snapchat. Once it is opened and viewed, the platform deletes the snap.

Filter: Different filters can be used to create snaps. The special effects are funny and can be based on the time of day, location, events, and holidays.

Geofilter: The filter is based on a specific location and, accordingly, can be used by you based on your location. You can also create a custom filter; however, you must pay additional charges.

Lenses: This is where Augmented reality comes into play. The lenses allow the users to use objects, 3D special effects, and characters to place on pictures and videos.

Chat: instant messaging application is performed effectively for both individual and group chat. The messages disappear once the other person has seen them.

Memories: This is the feature where pictures and videos can be saved because they are removed once seen.

How To Get Snapchat Dark Mode?  

How To Get Snapchat Dark Mode?  

The dark mode of Snapchat is one of its best features, and it is late to the party compared to other social media platforms. In 2023, asking how to turn on dark mode on Snapchat. You have to read to know.

Snapchat Dark Mode will be beneficial because it preserves the phone’s battery. The following steps to know how to put Snapchat on dark mode.

  • It also helps your eyes, especially when using your device in the dark. Turning the Dark mode in Snapchat on iPhone enables the way by performing the following steps.
  • You must open the Snapchat app and turn on the “Bitmoji” icon from the top left.
  • You then have to click on the “settings cog” present at the top right corner of the application.
  • You must then scroll down to find the option “App Appearance,” which you must click.
  • Once clicked, you will find the “Always Dark” option in the menu.
  • Click on it, and your Snapchat will be dimmed, and you will experience optimum comfort.

You have to perform the following steps for Android phones if you want the dark mode, as the application has still not been applied on the Snapchat dark mode Android.

  • You have to open the settings of the phone menu.
  • You must then scroll down to the option “About Phone,” which you must click.
  • You then scroll down to find the “Build Number.”
  • You must tap the “Build number” seven times to enable the developer mode.
  • Once developer mode is activated, you will find a text that will appear informing you that you are a developer.
  • You must go to the main settings menu and select “Developer options.”
  • In that menu, you must find the option “Override force-dark,” which you must click on.
  • The dark mode Snapchat Android will turn on once you click on it.


According to reviews on Android Police, Snapchat is very popular among millennials and Gen-Z; however, at times, it can risk the behavior of the users because the social media platform can be distracting.

The dark mode has become very popular among people, and it is often accessed among iPhone and Android users. There is an issue, though, that on some Android phones, it is not accessible; hence, you need to access it through developers’ mode.


Please read the article to learn how to turn on Snapchat dark mode. You also know about the different features of Snapchat.

Comment down below about whether you like the dark mode or not.

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