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Five Top Tips For Staying Sober This Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for many people, Christmas can be a struggle. With Christmas parties galore, family and friends catch-ups, and alcohol on just about every shelf in a supermarket, it can be a difficult time for those suffering from alcohol addiction or those simply wanting to get through the festive period without drinking. Being sober during the festivities is all accepted by us, but alas! We fail miserably.

Alcohol can cause serious problems at this time of year, not just for those suffering from alcohol addiction and in recovery. According to Banbury Lodge, an Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Oxford, during a period when emotions and stress are heightened, alcohol can fuel fires and cause plenty of problems. Which nobody wants during a time that is meant to celebrate togetherness.

What Are The Effects Of Consuming Too Much Alcohol During The Festive Time

When Christmas approaches, we tend to lose control over our inner selves and dive deep into the fathomed ocean of the bottle green. We all like to transport ourselves from the hell reality of work-pressure relationship problems to the blessed land of oblivion, lightness of mood, and comatose lethargy. Alcohol gives us all…but. Yes, you got it right; this “but” element is all where the shoe pinches.

Overconsumption robs us of all our sanity, control, body balance, and control over the mind and drags us to a crater of problems. Here, we discuss some of the effects of consuming limitless food during Christmas.

Physical Health

The ones who are not regular consumers of alcohol fall into the trap of binge drinking. The consequences of it turn out to be drastic. This stage of being in the reign of no control may lead to blackouts and even alcohol poisoning and, yes, heart attacks!!

Researchers opine that drinking alcohol without control makes the heartbeat function abnormally. Believe us, irregular lub-dub is bad…really really bad!

Emotional Health

The seasons of holidays cannot be that sober for many of us.  Yes, you may be grinding under the toil of relationship problems. That time, you insensibly drive yourself to consume alcohol to swim yourself to the world of forgetfulness. But this attempt may completely disbalance your sanity and control. However, remember to use water in your drinks to lessen its effect. It can stop you from reaching that nasty state.

Mar Your Relationships With Your Friend

When you have consumed without bounds, you may be involved in the exchange of words with your friends, who are also not in their normal stage after being full. It robs all your cool and everything beautiful. Consequently, you engage in petty scuffles only to mar your relationship with your close friends. 

Hence, you can easily understand that alcohol ultimately does all the bad to you and triggers you to fall foot in the corridor of insanity, abnormality, and, to some extent, crudity. 

Here Are Five Best Ideas For Staying Sober This Christmas

Staying Sober This Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas and the few weeks around it when there’s lots going on, here are five top tips for getting you through it sober…

1. Plan Ahead And Raise Awareness Of Your Sobriety

Now, we’re not saying you need to be making announcements on social media or anything like that, but it can be worth letting people know that you aren’t drinking and you would appreciate their understanding.

This will eliminate any kind of pressure to drink and give you a level of support from them, whether it be family members, friends, or colleagues at a work Christmas party.

What’s more, planning can be really important. Think about things such as an exit strategy if it does get too much for you as it can be a difficult time, and temptation can creep in at any time.

2. Build Your Support Network

Alongside the support you may get by taking the above approach, it is so important to have a support network around you, not just at Christmas time, but always. However, they can come in especially handy at this time of year.

You’ll be able to lean on them whenever you need to, as well as discuss things like coping mechanisms and just how you are feeling. Opening up about sobriety can be hugely valuable and help keep you on track.

3. Hold Events That Don’t Require Alcohol

If you’re in a position where you can have a say on events, or pick and choose the events you do go to, then look at doing activities that don’t require alcohol. There are tons of great celebration ideas that don’t revolve around alcohol these days from crafting to volunteering to enjoying a nice winter hike or stroll.

Alternatively, if you aren’t quite in control of what you do, particularly when it comes to work events, don’t be afraid to sit it out if you believe it could be too much for you. Perhaps organize something alternative on a different date to celebrate with your closest colleagues.

4. Keep Busy

Ultimately, keeping busy can go a long way to steering clear of temptation. Be the person who offers to make Christmas dinner or do the driving. Offer to keep the kids entertained with crafts and games.

By keeping your brain stimulated as well as making yourself useful, you’ll have that sense of purpose, as well as ensure you don’t really think about alcohol too much, even if it is in the vicinity.

5. Bring Non-Alcoholic Alternatives

What can often cause problems is turning up to a party and there being no real non-alcoholic alternatives. You don’t want to spend your evening drinking tap water, so bring something along with you. There are some fantastic non-alcoholic beers, cocktails, and even spirits these days that many people who are sober are turning to.

It’ll not only mean you get something nice to drink, it’ll also allow you to fit in more and potentially avoid any of those awkward questions as to why you aren’t drinking.

It’s never an easy period of time to get through for those who do have alcohol problems, but by being open and having support around you, it still can be a very happy Christmas and a much better one than if you were drinking alcohol.

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