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Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are Ending Their Marriage After Seven Years!

Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Are Ending Their Marriage

According to exclusive reports by Page Six, Sofia Vergara and their Husband, Joe Manganiello, are getting a divorce. The Hollywood couple has been married for seven years and has now announced their separation and decision to divorce in a statement to Page Six.

The couple has requested some privacy to deal with this new phase of their lives as they have decided to divorce. They informed me in the statement that they are two people who love and care for each other. Therefore, they would like to have some privacy in this difficult decision.

Amidst this divorce news, the modern family star Sofia Vergara has been posting photos on Instagram on her 51st birthday. She is celebrating her birthday in Italy, and her pictures do not have her wearing a wedding ring.

With a group of friends, Sofia seems to be enjoying herself, minus her husband, Manganiello. Manganiello posted a tribute on Instagram that said, “Felis Cumpleanos Sofia!!” meaning “Happy Birthday Sofia” in Spanish. It raised some eyebrows as fans kept asking if everything was okay between the couple.

The Modern Family beauty has been posting pictures of her birthday, and evidently, she is enjoying herself. She also posted a picture with the caption, “When life gives u lemons u come to Italy to squeeze them.” These cryptic messages did not go unnoticed on Instagram, as they also commented on Joe’s absence.

Sofia Vergara is a judge on the NBC hit show “America’s Got Talent.” She is 51 years old and is enjoying her life to the hilt. Joe Manganiello, aged 46, is working on a ” Nonnas ” project with Vince Vaughn. They were last seen together when Vergara Visited Joe on the film set.

A source close to the couple informed that they have been growing apart for some time now and need to decide on their journey regarding their personal and professional life.

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