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The Writers Guild Of America Might End With The Deal They Are Getting

The Writers Guild Of America Might End With The Deal They Are Getting

A tentative agreement might be reached between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) and the Writers Guild of America union. On Sunday, it was announced that the streamers and studios’ labor group is trying to draw up a new contract with the Writers Guild of America.

It was announced by the WGA on Sunday that the committee members might negotiate regarding the news deals, thus drawing up a tentative agreement on the new 2023 MBA. It is subject to finalization; however, based on the approach, there might be meaningful gains for both parties involved.

The writers need to demand protection concerning their profession and membership. Significant to the overall specifics of the deal, it has been disclosed that the deals will be drawn into a provisional three-year agreement.

In the history of WGA, this is the second longest strike, as writers of the industry were off work for five long months. Considering the seasons are short, the organization represents almost 11,000 writers with serious concerns regarding their profession, such as residual payments from streaming services.

This has impacted the duration for writers as it has considerably decreased. There is also a question on the amount of wages, job protection, and responsibilities concerning introducing artificial intelligence in the market. Along with WGA, the SAG-AFTRA, the actor’s union, has also been on strike for similar reasons.

The current industry structure has been quite damaging, especially when it has been reported that award-winning writers cannot earn from it due to the limited work on streaming platforms. Based on the meager residuals, the work that the writers are getting is negatively impacting their professional growth.The Economist reports that the strike has been drawn too long, which has impacted the economic conditions nationwide, leading to a loss of more than $5 billion. The ripple effects of the strike have touched service firms, prop shops, hospitality industries, and others.

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