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4 Situations When Using An AI Essay Writer Won’t Hurt

AI Essay Writer

Do you ever feel guilty about using artificial intelligence tools in college?

You may catch yourself thinking that maybe this is not the best solution and that everything should be done from scratch, no matter what technology appears out there. Some teachers and students around you can also add fuel to the fire with their straightforward opinions about AIl.

On the other hand, some people might encourage you to take advantage of the new technology since it makes our lives easier. AI writing tools can do wonders, like turning a one-line prompt into paragraphs of text and giving ideas on almost any type of research. In a matter of minutes, you get the text that takes hours for humans to compose it.

There is always room for debate, but still, there’s no harm in using an when you do it in the right way at the right time. But when exactly should a student be open to generating requests from AI? Here is a list of situations when such activity will be harmless and on point.

Running Short Of Time

You can get blown away by the amount of homework you get in college. There are situations when the task is due tomorrow, and you still haven’t begun working on it. The worst thing is when the time is running out, and you have zero ideas on what to write about this particular topic.

Completing multiple assignments in an extremely short period of time isn’t something every student can do. Some people are just more used to working at a slower pace and even learn things better when they take time to rethink the materials.

There are days when something urgent happens or your family needs more of your attention. In this case, using AI along with a good essay writing service is one of the smartest ways out.

You can ease the stress and not feel pangs of consciousness about being punished with bad grades or getting expelled because of not submitting your assignments.

Struggling With Writing

Some students just don’t go along with writing, and that’s okay. Not every profession requires perfect writing skills, but still, students are often asked to craft essays to ensure they memorize the materials well. If you are sure you have better ways of learning, then why bother writing?

That’s why AI tools can be an excellent remedy for those who have trouble expressing their thoughts in an essay format and hate sitting in front of a blank screen for hours. They help you generate a decent paper that fits academic requirements, making it a painless task for you.

AI will definitely be a life-saver if you are an international or exchange student who still struggles with speaking English as a second language. It may be difficult for them to present their ideas perfectly on paper and pick the right expressions. This is when AI is a nice option for such students.

When You Don’t Understand The Topic

Sometimes you might miss out on the topic and have no idea what to write about.

There could be many reasons why this happens:

  • You fell sick and didn’t attend classes;
  • You got a bit distracted from the study plan;
  • You confused some things;
  • You had personal issues to deal with;
  • You’re not interested in the topic at all.

No matter what the reason is, it’s common for a student to be confused with the assignment at least a few times a year. If you follow the logic, it’s better to use AI than to give up on the challenge at all.

Not presenting your work is something you would never want to do. The excuse “I didn’t know how to write my essay” will not work in college as it might have worked in school. In this case, you can use AI chatbots to throw you some ideas on what the paper should look like and what specifically the assignment instructions imply.

Seeing a real example of an essay on the same topic could clear your mind and boost your creativity. It could also give you more understanding of what you could write about yourself. This will make the task look easier and more enjoyable.

Having Writer’s Block

There are periods in life when this annoying state of mind comes out of nowhere – writer’s block. Many have encountered it, and many remember how it feels. You sit there, trying to type at least a few lines, but end up editing and eventually just deleting them altogether. As much as you try getting something out of your head and awaken the ideas, it’s all in vain.

And while you are thinking and searching for ways to fight it by browsing articles and YouTube videos on this issue, time flies fast. Your assignments are still waiting, and the deadlines are getting closer.

No one will extend your deadline just because you have writer’s block. The thing that matters, though, is that you now need to gain more energy to fight the block.

That’s how AI differs from a human brain. Unlike humans, it simply never gets writer’s block. AI writers would never leave you without great ideas. If you pick the best assignment services to use, you will feel even more confident in your academic success. Just imagine it: you can maintain your good grades while coping with your writer’s block and restoring energy. That’s a perfect combination every student dreams about, isn’t it?


While some students are scared of AI, others see benefits in it and can use it for their good at the right time. There are many situations when some AI features will help you come up with the best essays. Remember the ones discussed above and be free to test the magic of this amazing technology to reap the most benefits.

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