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6 Viral TikTok Trends that Slap

Viral TikTok Trends that Slap

TikTok is often used as a form of entertainment as most users scroll through the millions of reels available on the site. From time to time, however, TikTokers go wild over viral products that provide comfort and convenience to everyday life. Here are some of the products that gained popularity through the site, and why they slap!

1. Mini Makeup Sets

Mini Makeup Sets

Mini makeup sets, most often shown as mini lipsticks in tiny medicine capsules or star-shaped containers, are incredibly popular with the beauty section of TikTok as these mini cosmetics offer a variety of shades in sample-size packages. These are available in select online shopping apps and come in different containers, flavors, and shades.

Why They Slap: Besides being portable and affordable, these mini makeup sets are practical. Who really finishes an entire full-sized lipstick before switching to a new shade? These sets offer a variety of shades, and can be placed in any travel bag for makeup on the go!

2. Portable Blenders

For health nuts and milkshake enthusiasts, the portable blender is the trend that’s been waiting to happen. These blenders are perfect for just about any drink, and can easily fit in most cup holders as these are around the same size as regular water bottles. They are also rechargeable, so you won’t need to worry about finding a socket to get your milkshake fixed.

Why They Slap: These portable blenders are perfect for mixing protein shakes, creating healthy fruit smoothies or green juices, or even creamy milkshakes on the go. Charge them the night before, and take them with you in the morning for a power breakfast smoothie.

3. Led Strip Lights

LED strip lights can liven up any room, and they are easy to install too. Featured on numerous TikToks about home improvement and room tours, these LED strips have become staples in room personalization. They are also inexpensive, versatile, and easy to customize, making them great for rented rooms or apartments.

Why They Slap: LED strip lights come in multiple colors and can be sound or motion activated for a personal touch. These can be used to provide illumination in the room without overwhelming brightness, and are ideal for gamers to decorate their space too.

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4. Hair Curler And Dryer Dupes

Hair Curler And Dryer Dupes

The Dyson Airwrap has been a cult favorite for years due to its impressive hair-styling technology. However, the Airwrap sets are generally expensive, and dupes have now taken over TikTok, and have become viral products for anyone interested in hair care. Dupes can be found online, but TikTokers often purchase similar brands to ones that went viral.

Why They Slap: These sets are sold at a fraction of the cost of a Dyson Airwrap, but work generally the same, with a few exceptions in product operation. They are a must for anyone and are shown to be effective as many TikTok personalities have reviewed dupes that work just as well as the real thing.

5. Scrub Daddy

Out of all the TikTok viral products that have been compared to dupes, the Scrub Daddy continues to be the OG sponge and scrubber. First shown as a Shark Tank product, the Scrub Daddy proved its worth as the ultimate home cleaning product in the market, and TikTokers are catching on to its virality.

Why They Slap: The Scrub Daddy is a 2-in-1 scrubber that becomes a soft sponge when dipped in warm water but becomes a tough, abrasive scrubber in cool water. The product is used for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home, and is popular among mothers and millennials.

6. The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff

TikTokers have a fascination with home goods, and similar to Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff became viral within the site for its effectiveness in cleaning almost anything in the home. The Pink Stuff, as its name suggests, is a pink cleaning goo that claims to remove stains on almost any surface – from rust stains on pots and pans to food stains around the kitchen.

Why They Slap: The Pink Stuff has had a cult following since its release but gained more customers due to its virality in TikTok. Because it is such an effective cleaning product, The Pink Stuff has become a staple in homes and can be used to remove gunk from most surfaces.

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