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Buying Precious Stones: Mistakes, Retailers, More

Do you want to buy a precious stone for a loved one or yourself? Then you need to understand how to choose a retailer. You must also learn about specific mistakes when choosing gemstones or diamonds.

Buying precious stones can be a challenging affair. It is essential to ensure that you invest in the perfect one. Hence, you should take two to three weeks before you settle for one. In this blog, we will discuss how to choose a trusted retailer, mistakes made while buying diamonds or gemstones, and their solutions.

How To Choose A Jewelry Retailer?

You can either look for a specialist online retailer or a jewelry dealer in your city. Typically, diamond suppliers also offer gemstones. They will have certified jewelry in every shape, size, and form. According to Leibish, an online diamond and gemstone supplier will have rings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

Jaymie trusted this online brand and bought beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and outstanding jewelry. Even then, choosing a trusted retailer can be a challenge for first-timers.

Irrespective of the retailer type, you must follow these tips while choosing one:

  • Ensure that the retailer is listening to your demands and needs
  • The dealer should have experience and knowledge of the industry
  • A trusted retailer will teach you all the know-how about precious stones
  • They should know about diamond appraisal and certification
  • There should be clear terms, policies, and warranties for the products

Remember to choose a dealer with an established business and credentialed jewelry. All these suggest that a diamond dealer should be trustworthy in all aspects.

5 Mistakes Made While Buying Diamonds

Natural diamonds come in various forms, types, shapes, and sizes. For instance, there are white, red, pink, and black diamonds. Therefore, it is normal for you to make mistakes when buying one for the first time.

Usually, people make the following mistakes when buying diamonds:

  1. Trusting a chain store that offers a lower price
  2. Choosing a diamond without GIA certification
  3. Not finding a jeweler with a return or trade-in policy
  4. Insisting on buying a perfect-cut diamond
  5. Investing in a diamond without comparing it with other products and stores

5 Mistakes Made While Buying Gemstones

Wearing natural gemstones offers spiritual upliftment and should complement your attire. These come in various types, such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and more. Just like diamonds, it is normal for first-timers to make mistakes when buying gemstones.

Some common mistakes you can make are:

  1. Buying from an uncertified company without return policies
  2. Not setting budgets and deciding which gemstone to buy
  3. Judging the value of the stone by its look
  4. Investing in a gem that does not resonate with your personality
  5. Not doing enough research about the gemstone

How To Avoid These Mistakes

For Diamonds

Buying precious stones should be a long-drawn-out process of decision-making and trial/error. Therefore, the first solution is to research the retailer using the tips mentioned. Sometimes, investing in a smaller diamond can help reduce others’ focus on inclusions or imperfections.

Try to avoid IGI or GSI certifications. Instead, choose GIA or AGS since they are the most trustworthy in the industry. Moreover, you can buy fluorescent diamonds because they are cheaper, even if they appear hazy. Never buy a diamond that is on sale.

It is crucial to stick to your choice when talking to the retailer. You should avoid getting influenced. Otherwise, you will end up investing in something you do not want.

For Gemstones

You should always have a purpose when buying a natural gemstone. Moreover, you should know the gemstone’s value, properties, and benefits. To know that, thorough research about the gem’s legacy is necessary.

Always invest in a gemstone that allures and speaks to you. Remember to check the guarantee, which signifies a gem’s originality.

To understand the authenticity of the gem, check for inclusions and scratches. Flawless gemstones are hard to find and are usually lab-grown.

The Bottom Line

According to Future Market Insights, the gemstone industry is set to grow at a 5.6% CAGR by 2033. However, the diamond industry will grow at 3.0% by 2030. It proves that diamonds are losing popularity. Due to the loss of demand, diamond prices have fallen 18% since the pandemic.

The main reasons behind the declining popularity of diamonds include cost, environmental impacts, and human rights violations. Therefore, people are investing in gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

However, diamonds have an innate elegance and allure that no other stone can compete with. Even so, you cannot ignore gemstones’ spiritual properties. Irrespective of the precious stone you want, choose an authentic jeweler and avoid the mistakes mentioned.

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