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Central Kolkata Still Worries Kolkata Police for COVID-19


Ballygunge Place is a major place in Central Kolkata has been already sealed by Kolkata Police. A couple of days ago a resident in Ballugunge Place had shown symptoms of COVID-19 and also similar cases found in Shahid Smriti Colony of EM Bypass, the previous day. All of these compelled the Kolkata Police to seal the Central Kolkata fully to protect the rest from the pandemic. 

While the pandemic carries on to draw the attention of the Kolkata police to the South Kolkata while the COVID-19 cases in north and central also seek for their attention. The Central and the North Kolkata continues to be a hotspot. 

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Every day new cases are getting reported from many neighborhoods, which are densely populated. Health experts are in deep worry as they think the situation might get even worse, the spiral increase is just out of control. The health experts want immediate imposing of strong rules to break the chain of the COVID-19 in Kolkata. 

According to Kolkata Police, most of the areas in Kolkata have been sealed but it is very difficult to keep people inside or indoors with, “para” culture. 

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Kolkata Police is now frustrated with the behavior of the residents of Kolkata, they have declared that they want to install CCTV in some hotspot dingy zones, where police patrolling is not always possible. The Lal Bazar Police have asked for a list of such lanes from the nearest police station so that they can arrange for the installation of the CCTV there.  

Some sources say that Phalpatty, Jorashanko, Burrabazar, Bowbazar, Entally, Topsia, and Parkcircus have reported 50% of the new COVId-19 cases in Kolkata. Lal Bazar has decided that not only they will deploy combat, they will also implement the use of the drone. 


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