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Kevin Mitnick Dies At Age 59 After Battling With Cancer

Kevin Mitnick, otherwise known as an internet outlaw due to his hacking skills, suffered from pancreatic cancer and succumbed to death on 16 July 2023. His family informed through an obituary that he had been battling pancreatic cancer for a year.

He landed on the FBI’s most-wanted list and wrote a book called “The Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker.” He has also served in prison multiple times. At one point, he was in solitary for 8 months in jail because he copied software illegally and hacked into cell phones.

The hacking career of Kevin Mitnick started at the age of 16, and he started hacking unauthorized systems. The first computer system he hacked was in the 1980s of the Digital Corporation. He gained quite popularity with his hacking.

He accessed the system of the company and then downloaded the software illegally. He was leading the officials to him, which felt like chest-beating! He went to jail for 12 months when they convicted him in 1988. He was later on supervised release for 3 years for the crime.

The hacker has many supporters who protested his arrests and prison sentences by stating there was no real damage from his crimes. When he was arrested, a “Free Kevin” movement was sparked where his supporters rallied for the man.

However, the prosecutors who passed judgment on his cases informed him that his access and how he could hack into systems marked him as a grave danger to national security.

His actions could easily threaten national security, making it difficult for the law, government, and police authorities not to arrest him. Locals informed that Mitnick appeared to be a regular IT worker.

His family in the obituary thanked everyone who supported him and informed him that his life was nothing short of a fiction story.

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