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How Old Is Nezuko? – Age Of Demon Slayer Character Nezuko In Manga & Anime

how old is Nezuko

How old is Nezuko? Demon Slayer fans often keep asking this question.

If you are an anime fan, then you must have watched Demon Slayer. It is currently one of the most talked about anime among Otakus all over the world. Nezuko is just as pretty as she is strong. She is among the only two surviving members of her family, alongside her elder brother, Tanjiro Kamado.

In this anime, Nezuko goes through a transformation to become a demon, unlike any other demon in the story. Due to this change, her age is stopped, and she is trapped in the age she was during her transformation.

However, this does not change her age chronologically. So, if you are wondering how old Nzuko is, then this article might be worth checking out.

How Old Is Nezuko?

The author of the Demon Slayer anime Koyoharu Gotoge has made the age of the character clear throughout the series. That is why the answer you will have will be accurate instead of relaying any guesswork. Yes, the answer and the explanation might require a long reading, but you will not regret it -trust me.

I have relied only on the information from the author’s end and what is canon in the Manga pages. So, it is a trustworthy source.

As of now, Nezuko is 14 years old. She was turned into a demon at the age of 12, which stopped her physical changes due to age and growth. However, it does not change how old she is in chronologically. Nezuko was changed into a demon when she was 12 years old during season 1 of Demon Slayer. But, there are different shifts in the story, and there is more to uncover about her age, starting with her date of birth. So, if you want to learn more about Nezuko Kamado, then keep reading this article.

When Is Nezuko Kamado’s birthday?

How old is Nezuko? If you want to know how old she is, you should start with her date of birth. Although there is no announcement about the year of her birth, Nezuko was born on December 28, according to the official Twitter handle of Demon Slayer.

The events of Demon Slayer were in the background a few centuries before the current time. There is no mention of the year of Nezuko’s birth by both the anime or the manga author of Demon Slayer. We cannot possibly estimate her age according to the real timeline of our world. But it is true that Nezuko was born on 28th December. Who knows, you might be sharing a birthday with Nezukko. Wait, do you?

How Did Nezuko Stop Aging?

The event that stopped the aging process of Nezuko Kamado was the one when her family was slaughtered by a demon. She is barely one year younger compared to her older brother Tajiro Kamado who is also another survivor of the family.

Tanjiro was absent during the slaughter of his family, and Nezuko was the only survivor apart from him. When Tanjiro found Nezuko, she was transformed into a demon full of bloodlust. However, Tanjiro was able to bring her back to her senses due to the blonding between the two siblings. Nezuko becomes one of a kind demon who retains a portion of her human nature. Unlike other demons, she does not attack other human beings.

How Old Is Nezuko At The End Of The Season 1?

After this event, Tanjiro determines to become a demon slayer and becomes one after two years ( at the end of episode 3). By this time, Nezuko has chronologically become 14 years older. But her demonic physiology did not change her physical appearance much.

During the events of the first season of Demon Slayer, only a little moment passes – which means, Nezuko has not grown so much ( chronologically). She is still 14 years old by the end of season one of Demon Slayer. Also, by the end of the first season, Nezuko also becomes part of the Demon Slayer Crop, hence becoming the first-ever demon ally of the Demon Slayer Corp.

So, How Old Is Nezuko In Season 2?

Since chronological age always changes so her current age after turning into a demon is 14 years. But does that mean that her age also has not changed in season 2? Well, it depends on the interval between each of the events in the Demon Slayer universe.

The second season of Demon Slayer covers events at the Entertainment District. The second season has some of the most insane battle sequences with jaw-dropping animation. But, even at the end of season 2 of Demon Slayer, Nezuko still remains 14 years old. Because the concluding events of season one and the Entertainment District Arc of the second season do not have a large interval.

Then, How Old Is Nezuko In Season 3?

Prepare to be enchanted by the enthralling world of Demon Slayer as season 3, titled the Swordsmith Village arc, took the stage on April 9, 2023. If you have already watched this season, you probably already know what I am talking about!

Picture this: You’re pondering over Kamado Nezuko’s age in Demon Slayer season 3. Is she around 15 years old, perhaps? Well, think again, for there’s more to her age tale than meets the eye.

Delve into Nezuko’s timeline, and you’ll uncover a unique twist. Chronologically, Nezuko is 14 years old during the riveting Swordsmith Village arc. But here’s the intriguing part—due to her transformation into a demon at the tender age of 12, her physical age lags behind by a span of two years. It’s a narrative anomaly that adds a layer of complexity to her character and story.

So, as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Demon Slayer’s season 3, keep an eye out for the age-defying tale of Nezuko. It’s just one of the many captivating threads that make this anime a true masterpiece.

Why Is Nezuko Popular In The Anime World?

As an otaku myself, I can say that if there is one character that people often fall in love with in Anime, it is Nezuko. And there are many reasons for this to happen. If you haven’t watched Demon Slayer before and are wondering why Nezuko is famous and popular or why is this particular character loved so much, I have got you covered!

Here are some of the reasons why our beloved Nezuko Chan is so adored:

1. Unbreakable Bonds:

Nezuko’s devotion to family transcends mere boundaries, even in her enigmatic demon form. Her story resonates as a universal ballad of unwavering loyalty, weaving a tale that strikes chords with souls recognizing the potency of familial ties that defy cosmic odds.

2. Silence, The Loudest Expression:

Behold Nezuko’s mesmerizing ability to convey emotions without needing words. Her silence becomes an artistic canvas where tales of extraordinary resilience and inner fortitude are painted, creating a symphony that echoes within the hearts of onlookers.

3. A Metamorphosis Of Triumph:

Nezuko’s transformation from vulnerability to a majestic demon is an anthem of empowerment. Her evolution is a testament to humanity’s resilience, an ode to our ability to blossom even amidst the harshest trials.

4. Compassion Forged In Darkness:

Nezuko’s compassionate heart radiates unrelenting warmth from the veil of her demon identity. Her ability to bridge compassion across the divide between humans and demons transforms her into a multi-dimensional beacon, earning adoration aplenty.

5. Elegance Meets Ferocity:

Nezuko’s design marries the delicate and fierce, resulting in a visual masterpiece that etches itself onto the canvas of memory. Her kimono-clad presence and the iconic bamboo mouth guard bestow an unforgettable signature, effortlessly etching into viewers’ minds.

6. Harmonizing Siblings’ Melody:

At the core of her odyssey lies the tender connection with her brother, Tanjiro. Their bond reverberates through the ages, a heartfelt serenade to siblings’ intricate relationships.

7. Fury Unleashed:

Nezuko’s prowess in combat infuses adrenaline into her persona. Her battle prowess and indomitable spirit position her as a tempestuous force, a whirlwind that commands respect and attention.

8. Veil Of Intrigue:

Nezuko’s transformation and the enigma cloaking her abilities cast a spell of fascination. Fans are drawn into a labyrinth, unraveling the layers of her character to unearth the secrets enshrouding her demonic lineage.

How Old Is Nezuko By The End Of The Anime Or Manga?

Although it is a simple question to ask,, it is not easy to answer it without giving you a pinch of spoiler. So, if you only keep yourself bound in the territory of anime, then you should know that the manga is complete; and we already have an answer to your ultimate question – how old is Nezuko?

Nezuko is 14 years old by the end of the second season. However, she will be close to 15 years old by the end of the Demon Slayer when the anime comes to an end. But an exact number would still be below around 14. By the end of the anime, Tanjiro becomes 16 years old, which leaves Nezuko a little closer to being 15 years old.

Summing It Up

So, if you have read this article completely, you should also know how old she is at the start of the anime and by the end of the anime. There was only a two-year time skip during the beginning of the story and one time skip during the course of the story ( both seasons one and two) taking all of them into account and Nezuko’s birthday, we can conclude that Nezuko is 14 years old chronologically. However, she is still 12 years according to her physical appearance.

I hope that this article was helpful. But if you need us to answer more questions, please let us know through the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as you comment.

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