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McGregor vs. Hasbulla Feud Heats Up: Social Media Clash

The ongoing feud between Hasbulla Magomedov and Conor McGregor keeps the MMA community on its toes! The Dagestani social media sensation recently took another shot at McGregor on Twitter/X, intensifying their war of words.

While McGregor remains silent on Magomedov’s latest jab, he’s been seen hanging out with Magomedov’s rival, Abdu Rozik. Rozik, a Tajikistani social media star known for his TikTok singing skills, entered the combat sports spotlight through his feud with Magomedov.

In deleted tweets, McGregor expressed frustration with the 21-year-old Hasbulla and even joked about kicking the Dagestani over a football goal post. The cause of McGregor’s ire is unclear, but fans suspect it may be related to Hasbulla’s pranks on Alexander Volkanovski, the UFC featherweight champion, and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

Magomedov, undeterred by McGregor’s silence, took to Twitter/X, sharing a video of his pet chicken named Conor McGregor. The social media war continues, making fans eager for this entertaining saga’s next move.

Adding to the intrigue, McGregor has been spotted ‘training’ Rozik, who impressed with his strikes in a playful session. McGregor exclaimed, “Hasbulla’s done!” signaling support for Rozik. The unexpected alliance has fans speculating about the possibility of a sanctioned episode between Rozik and Magomedov.

While McGregor’s direct response is still awaited, the social media drama between these personalities adds an extra layer of excitement to the MMA scene. Stay tuned for more twists and turns in the McGregor vs. Magomedov saga, with alliances and rivalries unfolding on social media platforms.

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