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Snapchat+ Unveil Exciting AI-Powered Feature For Subscribers

Snapchat has just upped its game, introducing a set of exclusive generative AI-powered features for Snapchat+ subscribers. In a recent blog post, Snapchat proudly announced that over 7 million users have already benefited from its premium offering, unlocking a range of AI capabilities, including Bitmoji backgrounds and chat wallpapers.

What’s catching everyone’s attention is the latest upgrade that enables users to generate AI-powered images, a feature reminiscent of OpenAI’s DALL-E or Midjourney. This is a little different from the existing My AI Snapchat bot. By simply clicking on the AI option in the right-hand corner, Snapchat+ users can unleash their creativity.

They can either enter a custom text prompt or choose from Snapchat’s suggestions like ‘a planet made of cheese’ or ‘a futuristic disco.’ The possibilities are limitless.

What sets Snapchat apart is the added flexibility. Users can edit these AI-generated images further, tailoring them to perfection. Once the artistic process is complete, the option to download and share the AI-generated masterpiece on other platforms or within the Snapchat community is at their fingertips.

Snapchat doesn’t stop there. Introducing the ‘AI-powered extend tool,’ users can now rescue poorly cropped images. An illustrative example showcased a too-close-for-comfort dog picture transformed with the magic touch of AI zooming out.

The spotlight also falls on Snapchat’s upgraded generative AI-based selfie feature, Dreams. Now, Snapchat+ users can create an AI selfie under specific conditions and pick friends to join them in this digital experience. Snapchat+ subscribers gain exclusive access to a complimentary pack of 8 Dreams every month to sweeten the deal.

As Snapchat continues to evolve its premium offerings, the Snapchat+ subscription becomes an enticing gateway to a world of AI creativity, personalized imagery, and social sharing. With millions already on board, it’s evident that the allure of Snapchat’s enhanced features is capturing users’ imaginations worldwide.

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